Hybrid Yacht Heesen Yachts Electra

ELECTRA // Heesen Yachts

Project ELECTRA is the second hybrid yacht by Heesen Yachts. The first one of the this line is M/Y HOME.

Omega Architects designed the exterior design, while Cristiano Gatto designed the wonderful interior of ELECTRA. The full-aluminum motor yacht measures 50m in length and features Van Oossanen’s well-proven Fast Displacement Hull Form.

The yacht features an extensive use of glass with largewindows in the owner’s cabin and the main salon.

  • Top Speed: 9 Knots
  • Noise Level: 46 db
  • Powered by two walter-cooled 127 kW engines

  • Speeds: 9 – 12 knots
  • Main engines on, generators off
  • Consumes 98 liters per hour at 12 knots

  • Speeds: 12 – 15 kots
  • Traditional diesel engines running
  • Generators running hotel functions

Traditional diesel engines running, electric motors give more power to the shaft propellors.

Interior Motor Yacht ELECTRA

Cristiano Gatto designed a very bright interior with the Vitra Lounge Chair & Ottoman that fits perfectly.

ELECTRA welcomes twelve guests in six cabins. The owner’s suite on the main deck forward includes an office, full-beam bedroom, vanity, and separate headroom. The lower deck contains a full-beam VIP suite, two twin cabins, and two double cabins. A crew of nine sleeps in five cabins. Moreover, the vessel has a gym and a sauna.

Main Specifications of


Length Overall









Top Speed



LEL Yacht Rossinavi

LEL // Rossinavi // Luca Dini Design & Architecture

Italian yacht builder Rossinavi launched the 50m M/Y LEL aka FR038, designed by Luca Dini.

Motor yacht LEL is the first project between Rossinavi and Luca Dini. Arrabito Naval Architects calculated the lines. LEL has two MTU 12V4000 M93L – 2,580 kW for a maximum speed of 23 knots and a cruising speed of 13 knots. At the economical speed of 11 knots, the vessel has an operating range of 4,000 nautical miles.

Luca Dini comments:

“The owner’s main request was to emphasise the open spaces to make the most of the open air and water, and I believe I achieved the objective because M/Y “LEL” is like an actual terrace overlooking the sea, un pied dans l’eau, where nature meets technology”.

The owner’s cabin on the main deck features a private balcony. LEL has four guest cabins that can merge into one grand VIP cabin.

There are interior photos, but the shipyard describes the interior style as follows:

“Indoor, the main saloon features refined and understated luxury interiors achieved by a combination of contemporary design furniture, elegant textiles, precious leathers and bespoke finishes for a tactile perception of timeless elegance.”

By lowering the stern transom and side doors, the aft area transforms into a beach club. The tender garage is amidships.

LEL Yacht Rossinavi

Main Specifications of


Length Overall









Top Speed



Solarimpact Electric SWATH Yacht

Solarimpact - Solar-Powered Yacht with Swath Technology

The Solarimpact is a 24m electric yacht with a solar surface. The yacht features the SWATH technology.

There are some solar yacht concepts, but this comes with a stylish design by Roland Friedberger. The development of the SWATH yacht is headed by the German boatbuilder Schaaf Yachtbau. The electric technology comes from Kreisel – known for special electric vehicles like an electric Hummer H1 for the one and only Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger. Moreover, they delivered the technology for the proven SAY 29 Carbon with e-propulsion.

The Solarimpact features 280 square meters of solar cells by Sunpower that store the produced energy in 800 kWh batteries. In ideal conditions, the solar cells producing 300 kWh per day. The vessel’s range is 170 nautical miles in eco mode at 5 knots. The twin engines have a power of 500 kW each to reach a maximum speed of 20 knots. There are two 65 kW generators as backup and/or hybrid mode with a range of 2,500 nautical miles.

The aluminum yacht is still in the development stage, and a sale price is currently not known.

SWATH - Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull

Presented in 1938 by by Frederick George Creed, the Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull shape is a very stable in swell. Abeking & Rasmussen built several pilot vessels with this proven kind of hull. Furthermore, one superyacht – the SILVER CLOUD features SWATH technology. According to Wikipedia, the owner ordered the yacht because of his wife’s motion sickness – seems like an accomplished mission since 2008.

Interior Solarimpact

The Solarimpact has an interior space of 250 square meters. The standard layout has four double cabins, one master suite, and one crew cabin, but the shipyard is flexible in developing other configurations.

Main Specifications of


Length Overall












Longitudinalis Julien Cadro Sailing Yacht Concept


Yacht designer Julien Cadro designed a 80m sailing yacht concept called LONGITUDINALIS.

LONGITUDINALIS is a 80m ketch-rigged sailing yacht concept with huge glass surfaces in the hull and a large superstructure with flybridge. Alongside the extensive use of glass, the vessel has an eye-catching reverse bow.

“The aim of this project is to create a boat usable all the four seasons through an important living area, pleasable to live.”

Profile view of LONGITUDINALIS

Longitudinalis Julien Cadro Sailing Yacht Concept

20m Sailing Yacht Marcelo Penna Yacht Design MP670S

MP670S // Marcelo Penna Yacht Design

Marcelo Penna Yacht Design from Spain unveiled the MP670S - a 20m sailing yacht that can ordered as cruiser-racer and as a racing yacht.

A first unit of the MP670S is currently under construction at the Spanish shipyard Longitud Cero Composites – known for successful racing yachts of the TP52-series. The design office has fast family cruising and racing in mind during the development of the vessel.

The cruising version comes with a pinhead mainsail and a shallow keel with a draft of 2.85 meters. The racing version has a deep keel with a draft of 3.90m and carries a square-top mainsail on the carbon-fiber mast.

The MP670S is RINA-certified (structure and systems) – moreover, a CE-Certification for category A. Speaking of structures, the yacht is made of carbon-, glass-, and kevlar-fiber to get a strong but lightweight sailing yacht (24,500 kg light displacment).

There are no interior renderings, but the design studio describes it as follows:

“The MP670S offers many interior layouts and all of them are characterised by its modernity and cleanliness, although here only one is presented. The interior design has been carefully chosen: joinery is made from dark mahogany or white oak, marble tops in bathrooms and granite top in the galley, all them with honeycomb core.”

The MP670S is also available with a hybrid propulsion. The engine room is traditionally behind the companionway while the technical area is between a multipurpose space and the garage for a 2.70m tender.

Sail Area

Square-Head Mainsail + Jib



Pinhead Mainsail + Jib



The multipurpose space around the engine room can be used as a chill-out area or can be equipped with further bunk beds. I saw cabins that can be transformed into additional guest cabins but not on this size of sailing yachts – very unique.

The price of the yacht is below 2 Mio. EUR.

Main Specifications of


Length Overall






Draft (shallow keel)



Draft (deep keel)



Profile, Deck Layout and General Arrangement

Soaring Yacht Abeking Rasmussen

SOARING // Abeking & Rasmussen

Lemwerder-based shipyard launched the 68m motor yacht SOARING.

The exterior and interior of SOARING have been created by the Bremen-based studio Focus Yacht Design. The yacht’s name comes from the soaring of a majestic eagle. Currently, there are no interior photos available, but the vessel will also be a charter yacht, so I hope there will be more insights soon.

Soaring Yacht Abeking Rasmussen

Photo by Tom van Oossanen

Video by DrDuu

Baglietto 43m Fast HT

Baglietto 43m Fast HT

Francesco Paszkowski restyled the Baglietto 43m Fast HT line - available in sizes from 38 to 46 meters.

The Baglietto 43m Fast HT is a full-aluminum motor yacht with a top speed up to 26 knots. The cruising speed is 24 knots with two MTU 12V4000.

The 43m Fast HT reflects the style of the larger “sister” LUCKY ME. The Hardtop accommodates the flybridge and shaded places. Moreover, the vessel offers two terraces in the owner’s area, and a relax and dressing room. Furthermore, two skylights  and a fold-down bathing platform aft.

Self-Sustainable Sailing Yacht SY200 Philippe Briand

SY200 // Philippe Briand

Philippe Briand unveils zero-emission sailing yacht concept SY200

When the yacht sails at 15 knots, the hydrodynamic generators of SY200 produce 500 kW of energy and 200 kW at 12 knots. Enough to power the systems onboard. According to the designer’s calculations, in optimum wind conditions, the 60m high-performance sailing yacht sails 20 knots and produces 2,000 kW. The energy is stored in a big 20-ton battery bank to have enough energy at anchor.

Engine room moved away from the guest area

The sloop-rigged yacht accommodates up to 14 guests. The owner’s suite has been placed in the aft area of the vessel and features a private terrace at the stern with direct access. In front of the owner’s suite are four guest cabins. Philippe Briand moved the engine room a third way back from bow to reduce noise and vibrations in the guest area. Moreover, a more accessible engine room from the crew area forward that welcomes a crew of twelve persons.

Philippe Briand comments:

“I have always expressed my faith in technology and efficiency, as they are an integral part of the yacht design process. Previously we designed sailing yachts for the express purpose – or the hidden purpose – of winning regattas, and so passionate owners pushed our industry to develop more and more high-tech sailing yachts. But this competitiveness is no longer an appealing motivation for today’s younger generation of yacht owners. As a result, the market for such advanced sailing yachts is dramatically down.
“I believe we need to embrace ‘lateral thinking’ when it comes to the future of sailing yacht design. We want to work alongside owners to create the perfect renewable energy machine, using only wind, water, and solar energy to run the yacht and provide an exceptional experience of peace on board and exploration of the sea.
“Instead of using competition between owners as a motivator, environmental sustainability will become the reason to push the boundaries of technology and efficiency
in superyachting. This is something we are very passionate about.”

Deck Layout and General Arrangement of SY200

Main Specifications of


Length Overall






Draft (keel up)



Draft (keel down)



Baltic 68 Cafe Racer

Baltic 68 Café Racer

Created as daysailer and weekender - the Baltic 68 Café Racer

The Baltic 68 Café Racer appears with an excellent progressive and aggressive design. Moreover, not only the design is progressive, but also the choice of materials. Baltic Yachts will use natural materials like flax, which can be very interesting. Some weeks ago, I sailed the small daysailer Flax 27 by Greenboats from Bremen, Germany. Alongside the exceptional performance of the boat, it is also the design with visible flax fibers (the “counterpart” of visible carbon fiber).

Baltic 68 Cafe Racer

Enigma 40m Explorer Yacht Mehmet Fatih Umut

ENIGMA // Mehmet Fatih Umut

Yacht designer Mehmet Fatih Umut unveiled his 40m explorer yacht design ENIGMA.

ENIGMA’s exterior design is strong and masculine like a workboat. The open aft deck welcomes two tenders that can moved into the sea with a crane.

The 40m explorer yacht accommodates ten guests and a crew of seven persons.

Centauro Officina Armare

CENTAURO // Officina Armare

Officina Armare unveiled the 110m Project CENTAURO.

CENTAURO is a very futuristic and bold design by Officina Armare. According to the design studio, the yacht concept is inspired by battleships.

There is a touch-and-go-helipad that is also big enough to welcome a VTOL. A twin configuration of MTU 20V 4000 M73L power the vessel up to 20+ knots with a cruising speed of 18 knots.

The aft area of the bridge deck and the top deck shaping the owners’ private loft while twelve guests have their cabins on the main deck. Furthermore, there is accommodation for a crew of 38 people.

The entertainment and luxurious amenities are a large infinity pool, a deck cinema on the lower deck, a foredeck lounge with a private fold-down balcony, gym, massage area, and a full-beam spa with a sauna and hammam.

The side garages welcome two ten meter tenders.

Main Specifications of


Length Overall









Gross Tonnage



Bnow 63 Yacht

Bnow by RWD

In addition to Bnow by Natucci and Bnow Fast by Omega, Benetti presented the new line Bnow by RWD in November 2017 with the profile drawings only. Now they came up with 3d renderings of the Bnow 63.

Bnow by RWD (better known as Redman Whitely Dixon) designed a new luxury motor yacht line with one yacht of under 500 GT and the other ones in the sizes of 56m, 63m, and 68m.

There are currently no layouts available. Benetti describes as follows:

“The layouts feature a new and revolutionary concept of life on board, as well as an innovative use of space, with a very contemporary design approach that strives for high comfort on board and in which a key role is played by light.”

Bnow 63 exteriors

Bnow by RWD 63 interiors

B.now 50m

Benetti sold three units of the B.now 50m. The vessel accommodates twelve guests in six cabins and ten crew members in six cabins. Furthermore, the yacht’s beach club offers 36 square meters of space. Project FB603 will be available for charter.

Benetti BNow 50M

Profile drawings of the range

Bnow 50m

Under 500 GT

Bnow 56 RWD






AQUA Fuel Cell Yacht Sinot

AQUA // Sinot // Fuel Cell Yacht

AQUA is the project name of this 112m fuel cell (hydrogen) superyacht by Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design and Lateral Naval Architects.

According to the design studio, AQUA‘s exterior lines are inspired by ocean swells. The sharp reverse bow reminds me of NAUTILUS – the ship in the movie The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. SINOT placed the AQUA room here, like in NATURE – one of the studio’s previous projects. This area belongs to the owner’s area. The designers used curvy lines on the bridge deck on top of the yacht and rear lines of the vessel. The bridge deck also features a helipad.

The Hydrogen Propulsion

AQUA has large hydrogen capacity (two 28-ton tanks) for an operating range of 3,750 nautical miles at 17 knots. The proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells generating power of four MW to support the hotel functions and the electric engines (one MW each) with contra-rotating propellers and Voith Schneider propellers. The hydrogen is stored at -253° Celsius.

Interior styling of AQUA

Main Specifications


Length Overall












Has it been sold to Mr. Bill Gates?

Many mainstream news media reported the sale of a hydrogen yacht to the Microsoft founder Mr. Bill Gates and showed renderings and videos of AQUA. The design studio said that it is not valid. There are no relations to Mr. Gates; the concept is still under development and is a showcase project to inspire innovative clients.

Ranger-Yacht Vitters Refit

Ranger - A Queen is back in her element

The majestic J-Class sailing yacht RANGER had an extensive refit at Vitters Shipyard in the Netherlands. Now she is back in the water and almost ready for regattas.

History of the J-Class Ranger

The original RANGER, aka J5, was built in 1937 for Mr. Harold Stirling Vanderbilt to defend the legendary America’s Cup. With a length of 41,15m (LOA), she was the biggest J-Class yacht. In 1941 she was scrapped for munition production in World War II. The yacht was designed by Olin Stephens of Sparkman & Stephens and Stirling Burgess.

The replica of RANGER

The rebirth of RANGER was in late 2003 at Danish Yachts in Skagen and is very successful at international sailing regattas. In 2005/2006, she got an extensive refit with optimizations by Dykstra Naval Architects.

Refit 2019 at Vitters

The extensive refit in 2019 at the Vitters Shipyard in Zwartsluis contains new hydraulic systems, new navigation and communication electronics, painting, new teak deck, engine overhaul, rigging, improving performance, cockpit and helm station.

Photos by Guy Fleury

Project Sleigh Rider Lateral Naval Architects

Project SLEIGH RIDER // Lateral Naval Architects

Ever wondered about Santa's yacht technology? The engineers of Lateral Naval Architects bring some insights into the new Project Sleigh Rider.

Santa’s yacht needs a new generation of propulsion systems to complete a circumnavigation in 24 hours. The lower deck contains the primary power unit with Dancer, Prancer, Donner, Blitzen, Dasher, and Vixen. Superconducting fairy lights connect the pixie dust converters to the gingerbread switchboards — the Christmas pudding engines power a twin configuration of Star of Bethlehem propellors.

Simon Brealey, principal mechanical engineer comments“We spent a significant amount of research and development time investigating radical options, and our final choice came down to a system powered either by Reindeers or Unicorns. It was a tough call, but we concluded that the Technology Readiness Level of Unicorns is very limited, and the choice of Reindeers offering the greatest flexibility. The advanced system incorporates future technology Pixie Dust power converters driving pudding motors via super-conducting fairy-light cabling.”

Rendering © Lateral Naval Architects

Andy Douglas, principal structural engineer explains, “The yacht has some unusual functional requirements in relation to loading and unloading large quantities of toys and other luxurious gifts. The large shell opening and high deck loads have demanded Lateral research new structural materials, and following extensive laboratory testing a new high tensile form of Norwegian Spruce has been created. “

Instead of a pool, Santa’s yacht features an ice rink on the foredeck area. Unfortunately, the interior of the project is confidential.

The circumnavigation starts directly after the delivery on the 24th of December.



Tankoa Yachts teamed up with Luca Vallebona to develope the Tankoa TLV62.

The concept of the Tankoa TLV62 has been born from the ideas of Giancarlo Mussini, Managing Director of SINOS, and the yacht designer Luca Vallebona.

Based on the engineered 60m Tankoa platform, Luca Vallebona created a clean and low profiled design.

“We decided to collaborate with Luca Vallebona because in the project he presented we recognized new and creative solutions that are very different from what we have proposed to date; said Giuseppe Mazza, Tankoa sales & business development manager. This collaboration means Tankoa can expand its range of superyachts aimed at those customers that are increasingly looking for innovative and unique solutions.”

“Most of the time on superyachts the main salon takes up a lot of space but is rarely used,” says Luca Vallebona. “So I brought the living area outside, reduced the size of the dining room, and put a smaller TV lounge with its own AV rack room and the main exterior dining table on the upper deck aft.”

The owner’s area has a size of 93 square meters and has been placed in the forward area.

“The owner enters from the main lobby into an office, followed by an oval walk-through wardrobe, then into the cabin, and finally the starboard-side bathroom (on the other side of the dividing bulkhead is the crew tender garage). There is a continuous sightline from the lobby entrance to the bathroom.”

A full-beam VIP cabin is on the upper deck while four double guest cabins are on the lower deck. The lower deck also contains the crew area with mess and salon — moreover, the tender garage for limousine tender. Jetskis are stored on the foredeck.

Powered by two Caterpillar 3512 engines, the Tankoa TlV62 reaches a top speed of 16.5 knots. The cruising speed is 14 knots, and the economical speed with a range of 4.500 nautical miles is twelve knots.

Main Specifications of

Tankoa TLV62

Length Overall









Gross Tonnage



Arrow Yacht Feadship 703

ARROW // Feadship 703 // H2 Yacht Design

ARROW is the name of Feadship's hull number 703, designed by Jonny Horsfield of the H2 Yacht Design studio in London.

H2 Yacht Design created the exterior lines as well as the interior of the 75m ARROW. At the moment of publication, there is no information or photos of the interior. Feadship – also responsible for the naval architecture – constructed Project 703 with an aluminum hull and an aluminum superstructure at the Aalsmeer facility.

ARROW features one owners’ suite, four guest staterooms, and one VIP cabin. The crew area accommodates twelve cabins.

Two MTU 16V4000M53 powers the vessel with 1840 kW each to reach a maximum speed of 17 knots and a cruising speed of 14 knots.

Photos © Feadship

ARROW carries one rescue/man over board craft and two tenders in her garage.

Main Specifications of


Length Overall






Fuel Capacity






Black Shark Yacht Nobiskrug Winch Design

Black Shark // Nobiskrug

The hull of the 77m motor yacht Project BLACK SHARK has been completed.

BLACK SHARK, aka project number 793, is a fresh design. Although it has a size of 77 meters, the yacht appears with a low profile and left the beaten path of conservative styling with a reverse bow. Winch Design has made the exterior design; the interior comes from Sinot.

According to the name BLACK SHARK, the vessel will get a matt black colored hull like the role model Carcharhinus obscurus while the superstructure shines metallic silver.

Main Specifications of BLACK SHARK

Length Overall






Gross Tonnage



First big step for BLACK SHARK - the finished hull moved from the Nobiskrug facility in Kiel to Rendsburg for outfitting

Photo by Jeff Brown of Breed Media

Vellar 70 Yacht

Velar 70 // Valerio Rivellini

Velar 70 - a leisure boat concept by Valerio Rivellini.

A sailing boat without mast? The Velar 70 has a low profile and a double helm station at the aft that could be a sailing yacht – but it is a motor boat. A third helm station, protected from the weather, is inside forward. Two Volvo Penta IPS 650 engines allowing the maneuvering with a joystick and a cruising speed of 16 knots.

Velar 70 Interior

The deckhouse offers a 360-degree view during dining. The windows can be lowered to get more in touch with the outside. The lower deck accommodates eight guests in four cabins. There is the owners’ cabin with a living room, a VIP cabin, and two double guest cabins.

Valerio Rivellini comments:

When I start working on a project, I think about the needs of the person I’m designing for, trying to meet them without pre-existing parameters that could affect creativity. I’m focused on the owner’s feelings and on the way he wants to experience them on board. My goal is to bring his emotions alive. There are different concepts of living the sea and all of them are constantly evolving. I try to follow the trends I find more interesting and use them in my projects. Velar 70 is a leisurely, low-cost displacement cruising solution, offering the pleasure of the sailing experience without the commitment of a sailboat. While I was working on it, I asked to myself: ‘why don’t you take advantage of interior and exterior spaces of two different kinds of yachts for creating a new type of boat?’ In this sense, Velar 70 is a custom project, entirely designed to better fit the owner’s needs”.

Orca Rosetti Superyachts

ORCA // Rosetti Superyachts

ORCA is a 65m explorer yacht by Rosetti Superyachts and Meccano Engineering.

According to Rosetti Superyachts, the exterior design of Project ORCA is inspired by the animal that is also known as killer whale and one of the best hunters in the world. The superstructure has the dominant smooth lines of an orca, including the noticeable side patch.

With two Caterpillar 3512 engines, ORCA has an operating range of 5,000 nautical miles at its economical speed of eleven knots.

The large open aft deck offers a touch-and-go helipad. Owners can choose a clean deck to transport tenders, toys, submarines, et cetera, or to have a large infinity pool.

Another tender storage for two large tenders and several jet skis is on the lower deck. The lower deck also accommodates the guest area with two VIP suites and two cabins. The crew area is forward.

The sun deck contains dining, bar, and sunbeds. Moreover, it is reachable by an elevator for the guests. The crew can work secretively with a separate staircase.