Luiz DeBasto created the 92m open motor yacht concept MED with Lateral Naval Architects, who is responsible for the engineering.

MED is a sophisticated 92-meter yacht with sleek lines that enable efficient cruising, a low gross tonnage, and a groundbreaking approach to life on board.

At the core of this concept lies the open main deck, aptly named Agora, after the public square and central hub of life in Ancient Greece. This yacht pays homage to the Mediterranean way of life and those who embrace a free-spirited mindset. One of the Mediterranean civilization’s most valuable contributions to the modern world is the philosophy of outdoor living and dining, which enhances overall well-being. The MED concept strives to provide unforgettable experiences and limitless adaptability.

De Basto envisioned the main deck as a communal space that embraces the fresh air, creating an inviting environment for individuals to gather, interact with one another, and immerse themselves in the surrounding natural beauty. Although the exact mechanisms behind this phenomenon remain unclear, it has been scientifically proven that exposure to the sea and its salted air benefits human beings.

De Basto’s vision for the Agora is an adaptable and versatile space that can transform according to the time of day and activities taking place. While specific structures serve as visual anchors, most of the area is open to interpretation, allowing for customization for various occasions. This approach ensures that the design remains relevant and adaptable, evolving alongside the yacht.

The Agora concept extends beyond the main deck, with two decks of private spaces below and two public areas above, all with an open layout configuration. The upper decks feature minimal visible openings to contrast with the openness of the main deck while still providing stunning views. The yacht’s tender garages, wing stations, and mooring deck are seamlessly integrated into the design.

The superstructure is constructed entirely of reflective glass, polished to resemble the pebble stone that inspired it, allowing it to reflect its surroundings. The hull’s openings and windows are covered in serigraphy that matches the hull color, making them virtually invisible from the outside.

Irrespective of the ultimate appearance, it is feasible to construct the MED concept. The proficient team at Lateral Naval Architects has meticulously developed the engineering aspect, formulating a structural lattice mechanism that allows the superstructure to possess a minimal footprint and be supported solely by four pillars. This aesthetically pleasing resolution is unprecedented in the realm of yachting.

92m Motor Yacht MED Luiz DeBasto Designs

“I wanted to strip the profile of everything superfluous, leaving just the right number of elements to convey the concept,” Luiz de Basto says. “The flying superstructure volume touches the hull delicately, dissolving the Main Deck into a void space and leaving the Agora Deck open.”

“We designed this project for people who are curious about life, people who are courageous and want to build their own space. For them, we have re-thought what it means to live on board instead of designing another conventional yacht and making it work.”