In 2022, Sirena Marine unveiled Sirena Superyachts at the Monaco Yacht Show, realizing their aspiration to cater to clients' yacht dreams across all sizes.

The shipyard boasts a track record of constructing intricate vessels of the highest caliber, with their foundational model range spanning yachts from 16 to 27 meters, having garnered numerous accolades. It was a natural progression for the brand to expand their offerings to include an innovative range of superyacht models at 35 meters, 42 meters, and 50 meters, further enhancing their appeal.

Sirena Superyachts has announced that the construction of their first 42-meter model is scheduled to commence this autumn. Luca Vallebona has been appointed to oversee the exterior and layout, while the interior spaces will be designed by the Italian studio Hot Lab, a member of The Viken Group.

The design of the 42-meter Sirena Superyachts model can be customized according to the preferences of prospective owners. This includes the flexibility to position the owner’s suite on the main or upper decks, thereby enabling the creation of a dedicated dining space in the saloon, be it formal or informal. Additionally, it allows for establishing a guest area in the bow designed explicitly for exquisite dining experiences or pure relaxation.

The distinction between the interior and exterior becomes indistinguishable upon opening the sliding door at the bow of the owner’s cabin. The patio area is meticulously adorned with various elements, including a pergola, a pool, and a gracefully curved staircase that leads to the upper deck. This deliberate treatment guarantees that this secluded, unforeseen, and luminous space at the front of the boat seamlessly integrates with the overall design of the interior. Consequently, the forward cabin expands its outdoor area, resulting in a distinctive attribute within the contemporary semi-custom market.

Interior of the 42m Sirena Superyacht

The remaining portion of the primary deck interior area is distinguished by an aft salon that seamlessly extends to the aft pool, positioned slightly lower, and designed to maintain a harmonious connection with the exterior. The salon’s windows are strategically placed to enhance this connection, and deliberate measures have been taken to minimize the presence of lateral pillars, enabling an unobstructed horizontal view that aligns with the surrounding landscape.

“The four guest cabins are located on the lower deck, with two VIP cabins featuring transverse beds and the entire partition that separates them from the guest cabins serving as a wardrobe,” continues Luca Vallebona. “Thanks to this solution and the en-suite bathrooms that separate them from the technical areas aft (garage and engine room), sound insulation in these spaces is well taken care of. In these cabins as well, the use of curved elements alternating with more rectilinear lines is evident. In general, through the use of curves, large fillets, and dynamic walls, I wanted to create the opportunity for an interior where there is always an element that can stand out from the rest, clear and not redundant.”

Interior design studio Hot Lab has carefully selected various materials, including natural beech and oak for the sofas, cotton and chenille for upholstery, and metal with a titanium effect for the deckhead panels. This deliberate choice of materials has resulted in a color palette that is light and desaturated. According to Hot Lab, this color range welcomes and accentuates the sun’s rays that permeate every area.