The story of Y Yachts by Michael Schmidt Yachtbau began with the Y8 called "Cool Breeze". Now, here comes a new version.

Ten different layouts are available for this nearly 24-meter-long yacht, allowing customers and their designers to customize it according to their specific requirements and preferences.

In an impressive move, a seasoned YYachts owner has enlisted renowned architect and designer David Thulstrup to create the interior of his Y8. Thulstrup, an award-winning architect and designer, combines his Scandinavian heritage with a contemporary design language, resulting in a refined and holistic approach to architecture, interiors, and product design. His practice is deeply rooted in enduring Scandinavian values of honesty and humanism, strongly emphasizing materiality. A central principle of his work is considering people’s emotions and well-being. By taking a comprehensive approach to every aspect of a project, David creates spaces that provide comfort and harmony with their surroundings. The interior design of the Y8 will perfectly embody this philosophy and Thulstrup’s distinctive approach. Warm beige, brown, and wood tones will create a cozy ambiance that exudes relaxation and elegance. A plank-like floor will visually connect the exterior and interior, while the narrow, flat windows and surrounding windows of the Y8’s sleek superstructure will fill the space with natural light.

Interior design of the Y8

The Y8, designed by David Thulstrup, has a unique feature compared to the previous Y8 yachts. It has fewer bulkheads, allowing for a different configuration of spaces. The crew area is located at the stern in this layout, while four guests can sleep in two cabins with en suite bathrooms. The centerpiece of the yacht is the salon, which is divided into a lounge area with spacious sofas on both sides and a dining area with a table for six to eight guests. The dining area can be separated using sliding doors, creating a private or office space.

The exterior and technical design of the yacht was done by Javier Jaudenes and the experienced Surge Projects team, which is known for its performance-oriented fast cruisers. This is why Javier Jaudenes refers to the Y8 as a “fun boat.”

Unlike the earlier Y8 models, this new version has a broader stern, and the mast is set further back. Javier Jaudenes believes this design will result in high-speed potential, especially with the help of the jib. The Y8 incorporates the knowledge gained from previous projects and is designed to be fast and safe under any conditions. The use of carbon in the construction by YYachts aligns with their philosophy.