The artificial intelligence for onboard home automation has been developed with Reply - a company that implements digital solutions.

A notable collaboration of new partnerships for the 2023/2024 season with Google Cloud and Reply exemplifies this dedication and holds significant implications for innovative boat management.

The introduction of the Magellano 60, utilized by the Group’s R&D department for its initial long voyages powered by Eni Sustainable Mobility’s HVO biodiesel fuel, marked the Shipyard’s aspiration to explore new frontiers. This vessel was also selected as the first to incorporate the artificial intelligence capabilities of Google Cloud and Reply.

Both partners are renowned for their innovative approaches, making them ideal allies in supporting the Shipyard’s digital transformation journey. This transformation aims to enhance the onboard experience by leveraging technology, enabling individuals to focus more on the sea, nature, and quality time with loved ones. Through the collaboration with Google Cloud and Reply, Azimut has developed a proprietary application that utilizes Google Cloud’s data management and analysis capabilities, as well as the speech-to-text functionalities of its Vertex AI solution. This integration allows for the fusion of boat management and smart home features, enabling users to interact with the yacht through voice commands or remotely access the system.

Azimut Luxury Yacht Artificial Intelligence

The beta version, installed on board the Magellano 60 for testing, manages the entertainment, lighting, climate systems, and various appliances. Furthermore, it provides the capability to present current information from the central computer, enabling real-time monitoring of water and fuel levels and facilitating the efficient management of resources. Moreover, integrating security cameras allows for remote surveillance of the yacht.

“We are thrilled to support Azimut in its digital transformation path leveraging Google Cloud’s artificial intelligence solutions to help them providing their customers with a better experience onboard and develop new standards of innovation in their industry” explains Fabio Fregi, Country Manager Italy Google Cloud.

“The main challenge was integrating the digital world with physical engineering, which is our forte. From this union, with the support of Google Cloud technology, the app was created with all the functionalities that can be further implemented: we are currently combining the IoT (Internet of Things) component with AI to build an advanced conversational intelligence that can be queried for information on a specific knowledge domain, such as technical manuals on board” concludes Tatiana Rizzante, CEO of Reply.