50m Explorer Yacht MP Design

50m Explorer Yacht // MP Yachts

The Spanish yacht design studio Marcelo Penna Yachts created a very stylish and sporty 50m explorer yacht.

The large open aft deck of the 50m explorer yacht design has a size of 115 sqm to transport big motor tenders, submarines, or sailing yachts with standing rigging.

2000 hp engines power the yacht, but hybrid propulsion can also reduce emissions and vibrations. The design studio uses CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) to optimize the hull lines. With the 2000 hp engine configuration, the vessel reaches a maximum speed of 16 knots, a transatlantic range at 15 knots, and a transpacific range at 10 knots.

The interior welcomes up to 12 guests and a crew of 11 people. Half of the main deck is the owner’s area. The upper deck contains the wheelhouse and captain’s cabin—furthermore, a smaller second salon.

The yacht will be constructed with a steel hull and an aluminum superstructure.

Main Specifications of the 50m Explorer Yacht

Length over all:50.26 m
Beam:9.75 m
Draft:1.99 m
Gross Tonnage:under 500 GT
Maximum Speed:16.00 knots
Speed at transaltantic range:15.00 knots
Speed at transpacific range:10.00 knots
Engines:2000 hp or hybrid propulsion

Motor Yacht ECHO OB Yacht Design

40m ECHO // OB Yacht Design

The 40m motor yacht design ECHO is a creation by OB Yacht Design

OB Yacht Design is an international team of young designers and engineers:

  • Ana Ceovic – Transportation designer, Croatia
  • Andrea Rigillo – Naval Engineer, Italy
  • Carlo Corona – Architect, Italy
  • Kate Mills – Interior Designer, United States
  • Michael Habetmichael, Marine Engineer, Ethiopia

ECHO has been developed for an experienced superyacht owner from Italy to use by himself and his family. The 40m three-deck semi-displacement motor yacht has a low profile with a masculine yet elegant exterior design.

The sundeck with fixed bimini contains Jacuzzi, sun loungers, wet bar, and a seating area. Other outdoor seatings are on the main deck aft and the upper deck on the owner’s private terrace. The bow area has a pop-up outdoor cinema.

Motor Yacht ECHO OB Yacht Design

Powered by a pair of MTU 12V2000 M94 with a total power of 2900 kW at 2450 rpm, ECHO reaches a maximum speed of 17.20 knots and a cruising speed of 14 knots. The operating range is 3.500 nautical miles.

The tender garage aft transforms into a beach club with a rain shower. Alongside the tender, the yacht carries diving gear, Seabobs, jet skis, and more.

Motor Yacht ECHO OB Yacht Design

Interior of M/Y ECHO

The interior of the motor yacht ECHO welcomes up to ten guests in five cabins with en-suites. That includes the full-beam owner’s suite on the upper deck with a desk to manage the business, two VIP cabins on the main deck’s forward area. The two guest cabins are on the lower deck, together with the crew quarter for six persons. Furthermore, there is also a gym and a spa. The captain’s cabins have been placed on the upper deck direct to the wheelhouse.

OB Yacht Design comments:

“The owners love of texture is present throughout the interior.
The layering of textures and the mix of materials feels
timeless with a modern twist, which in turn gives the owner
an interior that is simple, sleek and sophisticated”.

The owner enjoys fine wine and cigars, so he requested a separate space with a glass wall and a ventilation system.

Interior Motor Yacht ECHO OB Yacht Design

“The interior has been designed to connect the outside with the inside. To let natural light flow throughout,” the design team said.

Main Specifications of M/Y ECHO

Length over all:40.00 m
Beam:8.20 m
Draft:2.30 m
GRT:1.850 t
Displacement:357.50 t
Maximum Speed:17.20 knots
Cruising Speed:14.00 knots
Engine:2.800 kW
Fuel:60.000 liters
Range:3.500 nm

General Arrangement

Motor Yacht ECHO OB Yacht Design

Sailing Yacht Design Pevero Gianmarco Cardia

PEVERO - 180 ft. Sailing Yacht Design // Gianmarco Cardia

Gianmarco Cardia's 180 ft. ketch-rigged sailing yacht design PEVERO comes with a semi-classic exterior design.

PEVERO has been named after the gulf in northern Sardinia, features a modern flush deck but also has classic design elements like a long and rounded bow and a long stern. The transom design also has modern elements.

The low-profiled deckhouse with rounded shapes and dark tinted windows makes a sporty yet elegant design. The private deckhouse aft has classic lines and is also the entrance to the owner’s cabin.

Inside of PEVERO, guests can find two cabins alongside the owner’s cabin. Furthermore, a cinema and a gym. The dining area and lounge are on a mezzanine deck.

Video and renderings by Gruppo Hyle

75m Hybrid Yacht Bravo 75 BYD Group


Bravo Yacht Design group presents the 75m hybrid yacht concept BRAVO 75

The design of the BRAVO 75 has been inspired by sailing yachts. The hybrid propulsion contains a mix of diesel and hydrogen with electric azipods.

“This 75m concept with a heliport has a very distinctive profile and stands out for various characteristics of its external appearance,” said Tià Simó and Raúl Gonzalo, co-founders and partners at BYD Group. ” The aim of this concept is to offer a new yacht experience for the owner. Unparalleled comfort from many points of view and a new vision of life on a yacht while sailing or anchored. Its elegant hull is inspired by the profiles of sailing yachts and the curve from the stern to the bow represents the break between the motor yacht style and the sailing yacht style.”

BRAVO 75 welcomes up to 12 guests and crew accommodation for 21 people.

“Another strong point of this concept, which represents the very heart of the yacht, is its flybridge”, commented Simó and Gonzalo. “The space of the jacuzzi is modular and offers a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape. Thanks to sliding glass walls, guests can enjoy the view without the unpredictability of the weather. They can feel like in an open space but also in a closed one at the same time. Each guardrail is glazed, which eliminates all parts affecting the visual field.”

75m Hybrid Yacht BYD Group

“I was inspired by the evolution of architecture in general,” explained Tià Simó. “More and more, architects have to give a more transparent appearance to their concepts. We allow clients to always have an outside view or just be connected to the nature. The design process has focused exclusively on the client’s external view of the surrounding environment, such as sailing yachts.”

75m Hybrid Yacht Bravo Yacht Design Group

Main Specification of BRAVO 75

Length over all:75.90 m
Beam:14.62 m
Draft:3.65 m
GRT:1.850 t
Displacement:1.350 t
Maximum Speed:18 knots
Cruising Speed:14 knots
Propulsion:Hybrid Diesel/Electric or Hydrogen/Electric
Fuel Type:Diesel/Hydrogen

24m Sailing Yacht Design VICTORIA Carlo Corona

24m VICTORIA // Relaxity Yacht Design

VICTORIA is a 24m modern sailing yacht design project by the design collective Relaxity Yacht Design.

VICTORIA comes with a sporty yet elegant superstructure with a glass surface to welcome a lot of natural light in the salon. The owner’s cabin is aft; where is also the tender garage located. Two guest cabins are in the forward section, while a crew cabin for two people is in the bow.

The 24m sailing yacht has a beam of 6 meters and a fixed keel with a draft of 3.80 meters.

Relaxity Yacht Design contains:

Carlo Corona – Architect  (Italy)
Anu Doki – Interior Designer (India)
Andrea Rigillo – Naval Engineer (Italy)
Kiran Arora – Interior Designer (UAE)

They graduated from Politecnico di Milano, and VICTORIA is the master thesis of the designers and engineers.

Main Specifications of project VICTORIA

Length over all:24.00 m
Length Waterline:22.45 m
Beam:6.00 m
Draft:3.80 m
Displacement:29.909 kg
Sail Area (upwind):320 sqm
Engine:180 hp

Sail Plan

I:27.80 m
J:10.20 m
Beam:28.70 m
P:28.70 m
E:10.35 m

Atlantico Yacht Pastrovich

27m ATLANTICO - Chase Boat to 55m ATLANTE

Stefano Pastrovich designed the 27m chase boat ATLANTICO that supports the 55m motor yacht ATLANTE.

The boat was built by the Turkish yacht builder Alia Yachts, the naval architecture BMT. The 27m yacht has a generous beam of 8.30 meters that can usually found on yachts of about 40 meters. When the terraces are folded down, the beam of ATLANTICO is 10.20 meters.

“Atlantico is the result of long research and development work,” says Pastrovich. ”It is the answer to the question: how can yacht design best meet the needs of modern owners?”

Designer Stefano Pastrovich follows the LESS IS MORE concept by the German-American architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. that also influenced M/Y ATLANTICO.

Photos by Guillaume Plisson

“We think that designing a deck without fixed furniture helps to free the mind and give space to the personal creativity of the owner,” says Pastrovich. “Drawing on the essential is a bit like drawing silence or emptiness. It is a work of surgical difficulty, because it requires great concentration to abstract the mind from daily reality of information overload.”

The interior welcomes four guests in two cabins and a crew of four in two cabins. ATLANTICO carries a Williams 385 tender.

Photos by Guillaume Plisson

Main Specifications of ATLANTICO

Length over all:27.40 m
Beam:8.30 m (10.20 fold down terraces)
Draft:0.80 m
GRT:130.86 m
Displacement:80.000 kg
Maximum Speed:28 knots
Cruising Speed:26 knots
Engine:3 x VOLVO Penta IPS – 735 KW @ 2400 RPM
Certification:PLEASURE CRAFT “CE” conforming to European directive 2013/53/UE

Skyfall Yacht Heesen

SKYFALL // Heesen Yachts

About one year ago, Heesen Yachts presented the new construction of the 59m full-custom project SKYFALL at the Press Conference during the Monaco Yacht Show 2019.

SKYFALL is a design by Omega Architects and features the Fast Displacement Hull Form. Four waterjets and 22,000 hp power the 900 GT yacht up to 37 knots.

The owner’s area is on the bridge deck aft with a private terrace and a whirlpool. The other eight guests sleep in four cabins on the lower deck.

The main deck houses the salon and formal dining for up to twelve guests — moreover, a media room with a cinema and gaming table. The cockpit area features fishing equipment, seating, and al-fresco dining. The tenders are located on the foredeck, while the aft area has a beach club and wellness area.

Heesen Yachts delivers the yacht in 2023.

Skyfall Yacht Heesen
Skyfall Yacht Heesen

Support Yacht Bhushan Powar

63m Support Yacht // Bhushan Powar Design

This 63m support yacht has been designed by Bhushan Powar Design.

This 63m support yacht design with a low profile by Bhushan Powar has a beam of 12 meters and welcomes many tenders. For example, Two smaller boats with a length between 5 – 7 meters, a 15m boat, four Jet Skis, and a big car like a Mercedes G-Class. Moreover, a helipad for an Airbus H160. Below the helipad is a shaded lounge area with direct access to the water

Apex 850 Royal Huisman Malcolm McKeon Yacht Design

APEX 850 // Royal Huisman // Malcolm McKeon

Royal Huisman and Malcolm McKeon Yacht Design unveil APEX 850 - a concept for the world's biggest sloop-rigged sailing yacht in the world.

Biggest yacht in the world with sloop rig incoming? Royal Huisman built two of the largest sailing yachts in the world: SEA EAGLE II and ATHENA. Even Royal Huisman’s subsidiary Rondal that is next to the shipyard proved that they could build massive sailing rigs made of carbon fiber. With designer Malcolm McKeon is a very renowned designer involved who created excellent modern sailing yachts.

The air-draft of the low-profiled APEX 850 is 107 meters. The overall length of the yacht is 85m, while the size of the waterline is 79 meters. The beam of the aluminum hull is 15 meters.

APEX 850 will have diesel-electric propulsion with an optimized energy management system—the twin propellers also working as hydrodynamic generators to recharge the batteries under sail. The battery bank Is large enough to support the hotel functions over the night without the use of generators.

Malcolm McKeon:

“When working at these scales, comfort and performance need never be compromised. Our evolution of the APEX 850 has allowed us to look beyond finding an ‘acceptable balance’ to focus, instead, on a heightened and indeed optimized partnership between each of these integral aspects of the concept.”

Sail System

The sailing system can hoist the mainsail and the blade head sails within just a few minutes. Below the deck is a giant spool to store the 2.800 sqm code zero. The crew can control the sails via touch screens and remote controllers.

Main Specifications of Apex 850

Length over all:85.00 m
Length Waterline:79.00 m
Beam:15.00 m
Draft:8.5 m - 5.0 m
Air Draft:107 m
Sail Area (upwind):3.200 sqm
Sail Area (downwind):4.700 sqm
Rig:Mast and boom made of carbon-fiber with integrated sailing system by Rondal
Classification:Lloyd’s + REG Large Yacht Code
Apex 850 Royal Huisman Malcolm McKeon Yacht Design

General Arrangement

Odin Yacht Joe Ricketts

ODIN // Joe Ricketts

Joe Ricketts created the 80m motor yacht concept ODIN

Joe Ricketts created the 80m yacht ODIN with the purpose of research, filming, and luxury cruises in mind. The owner and the scientists, respectively, the documentation film team, have their own areas. Another option could be to charter the yacht to philanthropists to follow adventures the boat was taking in the past.

The large open aft deck offers a helipad and storage for two tenders. The outside area of the upper deck aft invites with a lounge that features a fire pit. ODIN has three pool areas: One at the bow, one aft, and another pool is on the sun deck is surrounded by sun pads and a bar in the direct near.

Another fantastic design feature is the cantilevered deck with panoramic views.

120m Project SIGNATURE Damen Espen Oeino

120m Project SIGNATURE // Damen Yachting // Espen Oeino

Damen Yachting sold the 120m project SIGNATURE, designed by Espen Oeino.

The delivery is scheduled for 2025, and it will be the largest yacht built in the Netherlands to date. Usually, Damen Yachting is known for its very successful Amels Limited Editions – a broad range of semi-custom superyachts. Moreover, they are the trendsetters of yacht support vessels and the newer section of the multifunctional SeaXplorers.

Now they are starting with the third full-custom project and the second one with the yacht designer Espen Oeino who comments:

“[…] Our team has worked tirelessly to create a yacht with a unique layout and a timeless external appearance blending edgy design with elegant curves. We very much look forward to seeing this impressive yacht come to life during the build process.”

Imperial acts as the owner representative.

120m Project SIGNATURE Damen Espen Oeino

Copyright Espen Oeino and Imperial

65m explorer yacht reflex onur kiren

REFLEX - 65m Explorer Yacht // OK Design

Onur Kiren of OK Design created the 65m Project REFLEX as an explorer yacht with a range of 6.500 nautical miles.

The 65m explorer yacht design has a beam of 11.80 meters and has an impressive operating range of 6.500 nautical miles. The cruising speed of REFLEX is 14 knots, the maximum speed of 17 knots. The yacht welcomes 16 guests and accommodates a crew of 21 people.

Engine configuration: MTU 16V M54 (3370 kW total).

65m explorer yacht reflex onur kiren

DynaRig Sailing Yacht Feather Onur Kiren

76m DynaRig Sailing Yacht // OK Design

Turkish yacht designer Onur Kiren of OK Design unveiled a 76m sailing yacht design with DynaRig and Solar Sails.

The yacht has a beam 14 meter and has a displacement of 1.450 tonnes. The draft can be reduced to 3.3 meters with a centerboard keel construction. The DynaRig wears a sail area of 2.000 square meters. Two MTU 16V 2000 M72 powers the yacht when there is no wind or for maneuvers in ports.

DynaRig Sailing Yacht Feather Onur Kiren

Project 404 Royal huisman Malcolm McKeon Yacht Design

RH404 // 60m Sloop // Royal Huisman

Royal Huisman works on a 59.7m sloop-rigged Malcolm McKeon-designed sailing yacht.

This 60m sloop will be incredible. During the superyacht press tour 2019, organized by the Yachting Holland Group, Royal Huisman showed us the 1:1 mockup of the Malcolm McKeon design made of plywood of the rear half of the yacht, including the furniture of the deck salon – absolutely impressive. Unfortunately, only this profile sketch as a little teaser is allowed to show, but you can see the very modern lines.

A lifting keel reduces the draft to reach shallow waters; the twin rudder configuration shows: Here is a new challenger at regattas.

Christian Liaigre styled the interior of RH404 (project name shipyard) aka MM597 (project name designer).

RH404 Royal Huisman 60m Sloop

Profile sketch by Malcolm McKeon Yacht Design

The hull of the high-performance sloop will be constructed in Alustar aluminum while a superstructure of carbon fiber is on top. Retractable propulsion offers less water resistance.

RH404 accommodates twelve guests and a crew of 10 and is designed to meet the requirements of Lloyd’s Register – Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA). Southern Spars delivers the integrated rig.

Malcolm McKeon about RH404 aka MM597

Hull turning

The first big is done. Royal Huisman turned the hull of Project 404 – now the deckhouse can be mounted and the yacht is going to the outfitting stage with interior and all the equipment can be installed.

Malcolm McKeon comments:

“The hull turning at Royal Huisman this week signifies a pivotal stage in her build and that this construction has remained on schedule, despite
the worldwide pandemic is testament to the yard’s strategic, meticulous approach and the incredible dedication of the entire team.”

Guillaume Rolland of Studio Liaigre adds:

“The Liaigre team is extremely proud to be attending this very important milestone. We were able to appreciate from all angles and under daylight this 60-meter aluminum jewel.”

Photos by Tom van Oossanen

45m Yacht LOVESONG Gian Paolo Nari

LOVESONG // Gian Paolo Nari

LOVESONG - a 45m motor yacht concept with exterior and interior design by Gian Paolo Nari. Furthermore, Brythonic Yachts and Kobus Naval Design are involved in the engineering process.

The 45m motor yacht project LOVESONG welcomes up to ten guests in four cabins (two VIP and two standard cabins). The owner benefits from the full-beam suite on the main deck. Thanks to large windows, the main salon and the sky lounge offering 270-degree panoramic views. One tender garage is on the main deck forward for jetskis and a crew tender. Another garage is on the lower deck with the capability to store a tender up to seven meters.

Furthermore, the lower deck contains a fold-out beach club to enjoy the seawater around. When a sweetwater pool is needed, guests can find it above the beach club. A jacuzzi is on the sun deck.

The sun deck contains alongside the mentioned Jacuzzi, a sunbathing area, an American bar, and a lounge area. Moreover, the sun deck is a helipad and can be transformed into a shaded party area.

The crew area contains three double cabins with en-suites, a crew lounge, and the crew mess.

Main Specification of LOVESONG

Length over all:45.20 m
Beam:8.40 m
Draft:2.60 m
Material:Steel Hull & Aluminium Superstructure. Full aluminum is also available
Gross Tonnage:Under 500 gt
Displacement (fully loaded):6.000 kg
Engines:2 x 1200 hp
Cruising Speed:12 knots
Top Speed:17 Knots

Silverfin Yacht Turbocraft

Silverfin // Buehler Turbocraft

Buehler Turbocraft unveiled the SILVERFIN - "The Pocket-size Luxury Explorer Yacht"

SILVERFIN is a multifunctional concept of a 12m motor yacht. The design reminds of the classic commuter yachts but with a modern touch – an excellent retro classic design by Fabrice Clapot with state-of-the-art naval architecture.

Clients have some layout options and finish to meet different budgets: It is possible to order a cruising version with a cabin forward, galley, bathroom, and salon/dining. The limo tender version as a chase boat, superyacht tender, or shuttle for hotels has vis-à-vis settees, day head, and a bar/pantry.

A large glass surface offers a lot of natural light in the interior. The maximum speed of the SILVERFIN is over 20 knots. With a cruising speed of about 12 – 15 knots, it has a range of 400 nautical miles.

The brand Buehler Turbocraft was founded in 1959 – one of their models had a role in the James Bond movie Thunderball from 1965.

The large open cockpit aft has a lounge area. A retractable table transforms it into a dining area but it can be also a sunbed area. It can be shaded by an awning system.

The price of the SILVERFIN starts at 400.000 €.

Main Specifications of SILVERFIN

Length over all (without platform):12.00 m
Beam:3.30 m
Draft:0.90 m
Height:4.20 m
Displacement (light):4.500 kg
Displacement (fully loaded):6.000 kg
Engine:Volvo Penta D3-220 (162 KW) or Volvo Penta D4-230
Fuel:500 l
Certification:SWiss Lloyd B certification

Trintella 45 Classic Sailing Yacht

Trintella 45 and 50 - Classic Styled Yachts for Individualists

Doomernik Yachts relaunched the traditional yacht brand Trintella with two models of 45 and 50 feet and design by Germán Frers

Dutch yacht builder Doomernik Yachts is known for Dragon boats and as the builder of the Wally Nano. Now, they are going bigger and to relaunch the brand of Trintella Yachts. The two new luxury yacht models reflect the style of gentlemen sailing yachts for people who like an individual style – designed by one of the most famous yacht designers: Germán Frers.

“They are modern Trintella’s in terms of performance, but with a beautiful classic sheer and a varnished wooden cabin and cockpit-like the old ones,”

says Doomernik.

The interior layout of both yachts has a double cabin forward, a salon, a galley, and a bathroom.

Trintella 45

Trintella 50

Sailing Yacht Design MM38

MM38 // Malcolm McKeon Yacht Design

Malcolm McKeon Yacht Design unveils the 38m sailing yacht concept MM38

The MM38 has been developed in collaboration with the brokerage company Ocean Independence for comfortable bluewater sailing but with a generous sail plan to perform also in light winds. The deckhouse lines are very close to the design of the 33m MISSY. The hull is also inspired by the previous award-winning designs RIBELLE and LIARA. The sloop-rigged boat welcomes up to eight guests in four cabins—furthermore, crew accommodation for up to six people. A telescope keel reduces the draft from six meters to four meters.

The forward area has a bay for a tender with a length of six meters that can be transformed into a shaded dining cockpit. Side ladder and platform makes it easy to enter the yacht from the tender. A fold-down swimming platform is at the stern.

“A fixed bimini with raise and lower side screens provides all-weather protection to the main cockpit, and the bimini top itself has a retractable ‘sun roof’ panel.”

Leaf Lorenzo Squadrito Yacht Design InMind


LEAF - designed by Lorenzo Squadrito of InMind Design to follow a human's needs.

Alongside Project SNAKE, also LEAF is a shortlisted project by INMIND DESIGN at THE INTERNATIONAL YACHT AND AVIATION AWARDS.

Designer’s comment:

“People nowadays are always attempting for THE Progress in each single feature of their present ;
But could this be involve risks? Is it possible to assumpt that perhaps all of us are going to pass the ‘tipping point’ and in those moment we will wonder if it would have been better for us to get back to the woods-lifestyle? Just like in a Gaussian curve.
My yacht Leaf is a the iconic response to this thought. Because the design must follow the human’s needs.

The aim for this project was to create an innovative proposal that remained feasible on a practical level, both in terms of construction and commerciality. This refit project evolved from the decision to keep the superstructure of the yacht entirely unaltered while reinterpreting its lines with a fresh, modern twist and strong sense of personality, using as a guideline the express wishes and constraints of the owner.”

“Leaf presents numerous innovations which include; replacement of the classic tinted windows with clear glass thereby obtaining visual continuity between hull and deck; widening the ‘cover’ that forms the upper part of the bow which slims the line; environmental sustainability and nature as cardinal elements; the lounges on the main and upper decks to come to life along the sides while the central areas will appear free to as to create a perception of more ample space.

Here the desire is to return to use of space which is not purely rationalistic but rather designed for the exclusive contemplation and aesthetic appreciation. Another noteworthy element is the inclusion of areas dedicated to virtual reality, these can be used not just as a means of passing the time, but with greater advances in the field of technology, could one day permit to an alternative approach to working life.”

Snake Lorenzo Squadrito Yacht Design InMind

SNAKE // InMind Design

Lorenzo Squadrito of INMIND | DESIGN created project SNAKE that has been shortlisted by THE INTERNATIONAL YACHT & AVIATION AWARDS 2020.

The design of project SNAKE features smooth exterior lines and large glass surfaces to connect the outside feeling into the interior of the yacht.

Designers explanation:

“The brief for INMIND | DESIGN was to create a new kind of yacht design. The first aspect was considered through the owner’s cabin which is usually developed lengthwise, but for M/Y Snake this has been expanded upon across the entire upper deck with an igloo-like glass structure.
INMIND | DESIGN’s signature style is strong with this project. The wide glass panels allow the perfect mix between the interior and exterior and combine perfectly with the wider environment. The glazing creates the light and airy feeling throughout the interior and highlights the most important designer of the world – mother nature.

This kind of solution is perfect for an owner who doesn’t like staying in the same environment and would instead prefer to experience different environments when possible whilst sailing around. Each town, island, and sea become his walls and each sky becomes his ceiling. The inspiration behind this design was a goal to create a bond with the natural environment and thus encouraging the protection of it.”

“When a design is created, the environment around it is changed, since it is assumed that “architecture” must “impact” with the environment around it. INMIND | DESIGN think differently: every architectural element must not transform the environment but rather should try to enhance it or simply give it importance.

Architecture and environment are therefore two very different elements. But precisely because opposites must communicate to create a better landscape: design work cannot be closed in on itself, it cannot fail to ignore the relationship with its surroundings.

The real solution to the ecological problem will only be obtained by radically changing our vision of the project: aiming for quality and not quantity, applying new less invasive construction techniques, and developing new technologies that limit energy consumption.”

Another design contest entry by INMIND DESIGN is Project LEAF.

Interior Styling of Project SNAKE