Just another yacht news media?

Yes and no. On the one hand, I publish new projects and yachts from shipyards and designers and as well as interesting equipment, on the other hand, it is curated and I don’t publish position changes in the industry etc. Furthermore, I am following the principle One Yacht, One Article for some time past to collect all information there from the announcement to the official photoshoot. The aspiration of yachtemoceans is to be the Digital Coffee Table Book and a source of inspiration – just a place to enjoy the pure luxury and floating artworks and maritime lifestyle in the right environment with a light design, a good user experience and without an angry fruit salad of ad banners.

digital coffee table book

Without ad banners? What is the business model of yachtemoceans?

There is no business model. yachtemoceans is powered by the pure passion for luxury yachts and digital media. Because I am a technology-driven guy, sometimes I am testing new media trends on this project. But for the transparency: Sometimes people come to me and ask for yacht consulting and the project serves also as a public reference.

How to be updated about new publications?

Like every state-of-the-art media, yachtemoceans has multiple social media channels (@yachtemoceans). The focus is clearly on picture-driven channels like Instagram and Pinterest but also other channels in use.

Suggestions? Questions? Feel free to send me a digital bottle message

I speak German (native language), English (second language) and Dutch (more or less at the beginning but feel free to write in Dutch – every training is welcome).

By the way, I prefer people (or companies) that introduce their self before they put my e-mail address on the standard press mailing list – a simple one-liner is enough :-). If you prefer an e-mail address instead of a contact form, take this: rene@yachtemoceans.com

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Note for PR agencies and marketing people:

  • This is not a cheap advertising platform for brokerage companies.
  • We can talk about cooperations that are interesting for both sides.
  • I don't sell ad banners to improve the user experience.
  • I prefer to work directly with companies - without middlemen (or middlewoman)

For whom who is interested in background information: Who is the guy behind this?

Ahoy, I’m René from northern Germany – the Blogger-in-Chief, founder but also tea cooker, cleaner etc. of yachtemoceans. Or in short form: The maid-of-all-work. If you want to hear fancy title: Head of Everything.

I grew up with smaller boats (from the optimist to the 11-meter sailing yacht in the family) before I got the “wrong” magazine in my hands. I found my passion for luxury yachts when I was 16 years old. I am following the industry for 16 years.

Although I am related to yachts and sailing, I am trained in business informatics and worked for some years at one of Germany’s top five digital and brand agencies.

My home port is just 40 Kilometers away from the well-known shipyards Abeking & Rasmussen and Lürssen.

Currently, I am working as a Digital Consultant and as Independent Luxury Yacht Consultant for an international yacht agency.

Superyacht Broker

Alongside my passion for luxury yachts and sailing, I have a passion for digital media. Some other hard facts:

  • User Experience Design
  • Internal and external company communication
  • Social Media
  • Online Marketing
  • Branding
  • Virtual Reality