Kaze is a 60m ketch-rigged sailing yacht concept by French yacht designer Philippe Briand.

The design prioritizes comfort while sailing and offers spacious interiors to provide an exceptional quality of life. Recently released renderings showcase the yacht’s sleek and contemporary appearance, characterized by its well-proportioned lines and low-profile coachroof.

Briand firmly believes that, particularly when it comes to a large 60m sailing vessel, a designer must focus on the lifestyle aspect. This is achieved by distributing the sail area between two masts and ensuring the yacht can pass beneath the Bridge of the Americas on the Panama Canal. With a volumetric capacity of 499 gross tonnage, KAZE will abundantly cater to an extraordinary lifestyle.

Efficient hull design has been a primary focus in the development of KAZE. The yacht’s slender hull form allows for excellent performance even in light winds, minimizing the need for motor usage. This reduces the noise and odor associated with running the engine and enhances the overall sailing experience.

Furthermore, KAZE has been designed to harness renewable energy while under sail. A propeller is rotated by moving the water past the hull, which powers an alternator in line with the prop shaft. This innovative system can generate significant amounts of electricity, day and night. Consequently, the yacht is expected to be self-sufficient in energy consumption while sailing. Excess power can be stored in large battery banks during the day, enabling the silent operation of hotel systems when anchored.

KAZE has progressed well beyond the conceptual stage, benefiting from the expertise of various vital professionals. Southern Spars has provided valuable input in determining the specifications for the three rig options, which range from classic to high performance. Francesca Muzio of FM Architettura has skillfully designed a timeless interior that harmonizes with Briand’s external lines. Additionally, there has been considerable interest from renowned shipyards worldwide to collaborate as build partners.

Briand explains: “My yacht design philosophy combines innovative engineering, sleek lines, minimalism, and performance-oriented luxury. KAZE will feature the latest in navigation and automation technologies as well as high-end finishes for optimal comfort onboard. It is this combination of modern tech and timeless principles which make a boat beautiful, practical and easy to handle.” 

“The wider aft beam of the hull not only provides stability, but also allows an exceptional size for the beach club. In fact, it is comparable to many motor yachts, providing a truly luxurious experience on board,” adds Briand. “The bulwarks aft drop-down to form wide terraces, while a huge platform hidden in the transom extends down to the waterline. Steps integrated into the platform’s hydraulic mechanism help to transform these extra spaces into a rich playground at the water’s edge.”