Project 1011 has emerged from the construction shed at the Feadship facility in Makkum; the fitting process will continue in preparation for sea trials in the North Sea before delivery.

The vessel’s internal and external design has been masterfully crafted by Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design, with naval architecture by Azure Yacht Design. The vessel’s sleek exterior lines and vertical bow provide a distinctive profile and purposeful personality. Additionally, Project 1011 boasts an impressive 1,100 square meters of exterior glass, featuring twenty exterior sliding doors and twelve glass windbreaks. The vessel also includes four outdoor hot tubs, a swimming pool that spans the full height of the main deck and is accessed from the pool deck, a helicopter hangar located under the forward helipad, and an impressive eight hull doors, including the most enormous tender garage door ever installed on a Feadship. This 103-metre vessel has been built by a highly experienced owner who has been intimately involved in every project detail from its inception.

“As a repeat client and Feadship fan who has built his own yachts in the past, the client had a very clear idea of what we are capable of and pushed the boundaries in terms of design
and engineering,” says Feadship Director / CEO, Henk de Vries. “He wanted to be part of the team, which ordinarily is something we try to avoid, but he was fully prepared to
collaborate and our working relationship ended up being both friendly and fun!”

Project 1011 commenced with a demanding brief. The proprietor specified comparable amenities and living space to his previous 6,000GT yacht but in a design with half the volume to facilitate more accessible access to anchorages and harbors. The outcome is an exemplary demonstration of space planning and rule exploration.

In the case of a yacht of this size, a two-tier engine room is practically obligatory. However, a crucial element of Project 1011’s design is a single-deck engine room, allowing for a greater allocation of interior volume for guest utilization. This concept has gained popularity thanks to Project 1011, and another project currently under construction in Makkum has adopted the same solution.

The engineering and technical challenges encompassed all aspects of the construction. Notably, there are six-meter expanses of glass for the main deck guest suites and a 15-meter-long tender garage shell door – the largest ever built by Feadship. The utilization of fully retracting glass doors is extensive, complemented by a futuristic bridge designed by Kongsberg. Additionally, a towering glass staircase and elevator grace the central atrium.