The Italian design studio CENTROSTILEDESIGN created the stunning, extraordinary 70-meter superyacht concept FLAME.

The FLAME is a 70-meter superyacht characterized by sleek lines and high-tech finishes, designed to emphasize a minimal and sporty appearance. The intention to avoid compromising between space and form is evident from the initial sketches, allowing the clean and bold lines to flow seamlessly from the bow to the stern volume, where the living areas of the vessel are concentrated.

This superyacht has been meticulously designed to fully satisfy the owner’s desires, prioritizing a distinctive style and preceding redundant areas that guests often underutilize. Instead, the focus is on creating spacious living areas on multiple levels, emphasizing visual and communicative integration between the exterior and interior.

Solar panels in a design of a flame

The large windows along the sides seamlessly blend with the hull. At the same time, the extensive aft opening provides a sense of vertical spaciousness, promising a deep and unified view from every angle. The custom-designed solar panels, shaped like a “flame” and positioned on the upper surface, not only create a unique play of lights and catch the eye of the most observant observers but also absorb the energy required to keep the yacht “clean,” powering onboard utilities and proving useful in certain maneuvers and navigation stretches.

CENTROSTILEDESIGN has established itself as a leader in pushing the boundaries of traditional nautical design. The company is renowned for its expertise in model and mold production and its contributions to naval engineering for prestigious shipyards worldwide. However, the company’s style department consistently impresses, constantly seeking new ways to interpret products and remaining at the forefront of design.

Following the success of the Superhawk 55, which was awarded “Best Exterior Design” in its category at the Cannes Boat Show, and the Futur-E, a luxurious high-tech yacht, the FLAME concept represents the latest example of CENTROSTILEDESIGN’s ability to introduce new stylistic trends and create a clear distinction between the conventional and the innovative.