The A96 yacht is approximately 30 meters long and almost 8 meters wide.

It combines the best features of the shipyard’s two product lines to create a new design that offers spacious stern terraces, a highly maneuverable propulsion system, and a top speed of 23-24 knots, which are typical of the Sherpa range. It also incorporates the large volumes and luxurious services in the A-line. The yacht’s design focuses on connecting with nature, seamlessly blending its spaces into the surrounding scenery. The concept, external lines, and onboard technology have all been carefully crafted to provide a sense of total well-being, setting a new direction for the brand.

From the swim platform to the bow, the different areas of the yacht flow seamlessly into one another, allowing the owner to enjoy the convivial atmosphere of the main deck, a more private setting on the upper deck, or complete seclusion in the bow area. The sliding doors add versatility to the living spaces on the Main and Upper Decks, as the side and aft walls can be opened to transform these areas into open-air spaces.

Interior of the Arcadia A96

The separation of guest and crew flows, a dedicated crew stairway, a fully appointed pantry, and the option of a second-day toilet on the Upper Deck ensure high service standards. The Main Deck features the owner’s full-beam, light-filled cabin in the forward section, while the Lower Deck houses four guest cabins. To create the interiors, Igor Lobanov was commissioned to prioritize natural and eco-friendly materials, resulting in a design characterized by soft lines and furnishings with a pleasing hand feel. This design approach gives rise to sleek curves and dark lacquered surfaces inspired by Art Deco. The color palette is predominantly neutral and pale, with dark or metallic accents added for contrast.

The A96-01 boasts three distinct advantages: size, speed, and surface area. With a top speed of approximately 23-24 knots, it offers a spacious living area of over 400 square meters. Extensive efforts were made to optimize weight, enhance structural comfort, and improve the wiring, piping systems, and engine room insulation efficiency.

Equipped with four Volvo Penta IPS 1350 engines, this vessel provides exceptional maneuverability through joystick control and pitch stability, thanks to the interceptors and satellite dynamic positioning system. Its shallow draught and compact engine size allow cruising in various water conditions.

The A96-01 is equipped with cutting-edge port maneuvering systems through collaboration with Volvo Penta and Garmin. Based in Sweden, Volvo has supplied the Assisted Docking system, which significantly facilitates mooring operations and ensures maximum safety, even in challenging conditions. Additionally, in partnership with Arcadia, Garmin has developed the Surround View Camera System. This innovative system utilizes six cameras installed in the hull to provide a 360-degree bird’s eye view of the surrounding water and detect any obstacles in real-time. It also offers virtual maneuvering guides and can identify and highlight moving objects.

The Silent Mode system, which is optional, has a rating of over 100kWh and is partially powered by solar panels. It provides 8-9 hours of onboard life in silent mode. Additionally, the air-conditioning in the cabins operates quietly and maintains a consistent temperature throughout the different areas. The range is complemented by Waveless Stab fins from CMC Marine to enhance comfort, ensuring a smooth experience both while cruising and when anchored.