The XP75 is 75 meters long overall and has a beam of over 12 meters. It is the most extended explorer project ever designed by Nauta. Azure delivered the naval architecture with a 200-page specification document. It’s not just a concept - it is ready to build.

The yacht has undergone extensive studies to ensure optimal performance and reduced fuel consumption. For example, special double glazing has been designed to minimize heat transfer, and the engine cooling water has been recycled. The technical spaces are designed to support diesel-electric or hybrid propulsion with batteries (you can also set aside space for a methanol tank to save fuel and increase range).

On the lower deck, at the end of the two-tiered engine room, there’s a 150-square-metre garage with shell doors on either side. It can hold three tenders (including a 9-5 limo tender), a mini-sub, and a variety of water toys.

The stern of the boat houses the ‘Sea Lounge,’ or beach club, which includes a sauna, a beauty salon, and a hammam. The hammam has three fold-down platforms that cover 185 square meters. There’s a hollow bar under the pool on the main deck.

The pool base can be raised to make the 273 sqm back deck available for helipad use. A sunroof slides out from the deckhead to provide a recessed area for seating, a bar, a DJ console, and an open-air cinema. All exterior stairs between decks are built into the yacht’s structure so as not to disrupt the yacht’s floor-to-ceiling windows and to show off the yacht’s 3m ceiling height to the best of their ability.

The top deck is dedicated to the owner. The forward-facing stateroom has an island bed with 180° views and cozy side decks. The private deck forward has a hot tub, and the fore deck is used as a touch-and-go helipad while the yacht is in warm climes. The sky lounge on the upper deck aft has a second projector to act as a cinema room, and the aft deck can be used for dining al fresco for a large number of guests.

The wheelhouse on the bridge deck is designed for optimal visibility in icy conditions. It has a walk-around integrated Kongsberg console and Portuguese bridge. Towner’srpowner’sforedeckw is completely hidden from the bridge and looks out over the open deck.

The sundeck, also known as the observation deck, covers 65 sqm and is almost invisible when viewed from the yachtyacht’shpyacht; you can see the third pool with its waterfall feature, sun pads, and comfy corner seating, with umbrellas shading the pool.