Departing from their state-of-the-art headquarters in Fano, the Wider Vision Hub, the 28-meter composite catamaran sets a new standard for avant-garde multihulls meticulously crafted by the renowned Fano-based brand.

In collaboration with Luca Dini Design and Wider Centro Stile, the WiderCat 92 showcases a seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces and groundbreaking technological advancements. This exceptional vessel embodies a harmonious fusion of beauty, functionality, sophistication, and innovation.

With a strong emphasis on aesthetics and design ingenuity, Wider has elevated the WiderCat 92 to exude the style and elegance reminiscent of a monohull or a superyacht. The catamaran perfectly balances form and function, demonstrating Wider’s commitment to refined design within multihulls.

The first unit of the WiderCat 92 features two spacious VIP cabins and a twin guest cabin on the lower deck. The main deck is dedicated to an expansive owner’s suite, complete with a private foredeck lounge occupying nearly half the total space. Additionally, a 4-cabin layout option is available, providing even more flexibility. The galley is conveniently located on the main deck as well.

In addition to the customizable aft cockpit on the main deck, which offers stunning views through uninterrupted windows, the upper deck features an additional forward cockpit, a sky lounge, and the helm station.

The tender garage, equipped with a transom hatch that effortlessly transforms into an expansive swim platform, sets the stage for an extraordinary maritime experience. The fold-down bulwarks serve a dual purpose, enhancing the spacious Beach Club accessible from the VIP cabins while concealing storage compartments for water toys.

Motor Yacht WIDER Cat 92

Engine-powered Catamaran yacht with hybrid technology

The WiderCat 92 stands out from the rest with its remarkable combination of Hybrid Technology and Solar Energy. It is equipped with Wider’s advanced serial hybrid propulsion system, which results from the shipyard’s profound technical expertise. This system ensures exceptional performance achievements.

The catamaran features twin electric motors that deliver 500kW each to the thrusters and two 349kW variable speed generators for electrical energy production. This exemplifies the advanced nautical engineering of the vessel. The heart of this engineering lies in the n°30 LiFePO4 (Lithium-Iron Phosphate) batteries, which are meticulously managed by a state-of-the-art Battery Management System. This system continuously monitors operating parameters and facilitates intelligent charge balancing. It is essential to highlight that this impressive efficiency is achieved with a strong emphasis on safety, reflecting Wider’s commitment to providing a secure and exhilarating yachting experience.

The generators operate at minimum power consumption, enabling cruising in ZEM (Zero Emission Mode). This allows for a 27-nautical-mile range at 6 knots in complete silence or a 14-hour autonomy on battery power while at anchor. Additionally, the catamaran has 150 m2 of solar panels, ensuring energy self-sufficiency while at anchor. Any excess energy is stored in the batteries for nighttime use.

The Wider serial hybrid propulsion system minimizes engine strain, resulting in extended maintenance intervals compared to traditional yachts. It also reduces fuel consumption, noise, and vibrations emitted.