Project Armand by Officina Armare is an extraordinary 85m superyacht with a GT of approximately 2,500.

Inspired by the automotive industry, its sleek design and elegant lines offer a low profile and ample headroom. What sets this 85-meter concept apart is its unique amenities not found on other superyachts. These include an extendable helipad, a glass-bottomed swimming pool, a man cave on the lower deck, and a spacious lounge area with virtual backgrounds. Officina Armare has meticulously crafted every exterior and interior design aspect to create a vessel that not only sails through water but also leaves a lasting impression. With its streamlined profile and graceful presence, this superyacht is a valid symbol of elegance and grandeur.

Project Armand offers an unparalleled experience for 18 discerning guests, accompanied by a dedicated crew of 21. Guests can enjoy unmatched comfort and privacy in the two-story owner’s penthouse on the Bridge deck and sundeck, which provide breathtaking views of the surrounding beauty. Additionally, the owner has an intimate lounge with a wine cellar and a smoking room, an outdoor deck with an alfresco lounge, and a Jacuzzi. The yacht features a luxurious full-beam VIP cabin on the forward main deck and seven opulent guest cabins on the main and lower deck, offering a sanctuary of luxury and relaxation. Floor-to-ceiling glass has been incorporated throughout the yacht, allowing guests to feel connected to the outside world. The upper deck boasts an impressive outdoor dining area where guests can gather and indulge in fine dining while witnessing the sunset over the Mediterranean coastline. It is also the perfect spot to start the day, enjoying a freshly prepared breakfast tailored to your preferences by the onboard chef.

The innovative 85-meter design introduces revolutionary features starting from the main aft deck lounge. Upon activating the virtual environment, this space undergoes a captivating transformation as the glass concave structure seamlessly integrates LED screens. The outcome is an immersive 180-degree virtual environment, surrounding you in a sensory experience that blurs the lines between reality and fantasy. Whether hosting extravagant parties, observing wildlife at Serengeti in the middle of the ocean, or simply watching a Grand Prix race, this forward-thinking feature will make a lasting impression on all who come aboard. The infinity pool with a glass bottom is on the main aft deck, along with amphitheater-inspired sunbathing areas that provide guests ample space for sunbathing and relaxing while enjoying breathtaking views.

The lower aft deck of Project Armand serves as the “Man Cave” at sea, offering a trio of experiences for exploration. Guests can first enjoy the luxurious lounge—an oasis of relaxation and sophistication where they can unwind and recharge. Next, they can delve into the depths of the underwater world with the dedicated diving station, offering unparalleled access to mesmerizing marine ecosystems. Lastly, guests can marvel at the engineering feat as the floating garage accommodates the prestigious U-Boat Worx Super Sub submersible, custom tender, and toys, ready for underwater adventures or transportation to hidden coves. This exclusive retreat is crafted to redefine luxury leisure and cater to the most discerning adventurers.

Project Armand provides seamless access to the world’s most captivating destinations. The yacht’s expandable helipad on the bow enables effortless helicopter transfers, whisking guests away to remote islands, exclusive events, or vibrant cityscapes. The sky is no longer a boundary but a portal to endless possibilities. In addition to its helipad function, the area can be converted into a spacious outdoor cinema, thanks to the largest hid.