The inaugural Amels 80 has been successfully launched, marking a significant milestone in developing this new vessel. Espen Øino designed the exterior, Sinot Yacht Architecture is responsible for the interior design.

With a length of 80 meters (261 feet), the hull and superstructure were unveiled outside the hull build shed, showcasing the progress made since the concept was introduced in March 2022. The next step involves transporting the vessel to Damen Yachting’s leading shipyard in the Netherlands, where the final outfitting will occur.

This particular Amels 80 represents the latest generation of the Limited Editions series and is the first of the most recent designs to be introduced. The delivery of this vessel to its new Owner is scheduled for 2025, by Damen Yachting’s commitment to fast delivery. This reputation has been established by successfully completing over 50 Amels Limited Editions projects. Throughout the construction process, the team at Burgess, who facilitated the sale of the yacht precisely one year ago, has remained actively involved in representing the Owner’s interests.

Damen Yachting has continuously evolved its product offerings, particularly in Limited Editions superyachts, which have been meticulously refined over numerous years. While the timeless appeal of the classic Limited Edition designs remains highly regarded by many, the range experienced an expansion in 2019 with the introduction of the Amels 60, followed by the unveiling of the largest Limited Edition yacht to date, the Amels 80.

Remaining faithful to the fundamental principles of the Amels brand, designer Espen Øino has crafted a comprehensive and contemporary exterior design. A notable characteristic of this next-generation design is its incorporation of sustainable materials and groundbreaking hybrid technology.

“It’s a very neutral and natural palette,” explains Paul Costerus, Lead Designer at Sinot. “Materials are treated so that the natural characteristics remain as pure as possible. The style is distinctive and allows the Owner to customize and add their personal style.”

Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design is the design firm responsible for creating the initial custom interiors for the Amels 80. The physical manifestation of these interiors will commence upon the yacht’s arrival in Vlissingen, the Netherlands, after its construction in Galati, Romania. The Amels 80’s Owner has elected to adhere to the Amels Limited Editions philosophy, utilizing the semi-custom platform and selecting an interior design incorporating a personalized layer of loose furniture and decorative elements.
The Amels 80 boasts several notable amenities, such as a remarkable Sun Deck spanning 200 square meters (2,153 sq ft) a Waterside Beach Club that offers access from three sides, accompanied by a nearby Wellness and Spa facility. Additionally, the yacht features a dedicated Owner’s Deck and expansive framed windows on the Main Deck, providing panoramic views. Furthermore, the vessel accommodates a diverse range of watercraft and recreational equipment alongside a designated area for helicopter landings.