Hydroptere Trimaran

Video: Hydroptère - simply amazing powerful Trimaran

The Hydroptère is a 18m trimaran with a beam 24m and an impressive maximum speed of 56 knots!

Hydroptére is an amazing example what wind and engineering can do together :)

Mercedes GT S AMG Cigarette 50 Marauder

New Cigarette 50 Marauder inspired by Mercedes AMG GT S

Mercedes AMG and Cigarette. Two brands for the promise of power, power, and power. Now they come with a new collaboration: The Cigarette 50 Marauder - inspired by the new Mercedes GT S AMG design.

Actually, I am a guy who gives the best to live eco-friendly. Home and office are powered and heated by a micro-CHP which consumes low-emission natural gas, solar panels on the roof, heat accumulator under the building and a good insulation. The web and e-mail servers are also powered by green energy. But I have another site – my personal dark site: V8 sound and power awake a lot of emotions :). AMG and Cigarette are manufacturers who build the tools for starting them :)

Always I have to think about Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor and his catchphrase:

“More Power”

when I hear or drive a V8

The Cigarette 50 Marauder isn’t powered by the 4.0l V8 AMG engine. She has two new developed Mercury 1550 HP racing engines which are also inspired by AMG (according to the press release). It’s currently the most powerful twin-engine boat in Cigarette’s portfolio. She reaches a top speed of 135 MPH.

Tobias Moers, Chairman of the Board of Management of Mercedes-AMG says:

“With its technological substance, the Mercedes-AMG GT S meets our high demands on driving dynamics, agility and performance. The GT S is built according to the motto ‘Handcrafted by Racers’. We are glad that this spirit and our brand-typical driving performance inspired our long-time partner Cigarette Racing to create this powerboat.”

Skip Braver, CEO of Cigarette Racing adds:

“We are thrilled to work with the high-performance brand of Mercedes-Benz again this year to develop our fastest powerboat to date. With the two new Mercury racing engines inspired by AMG, the 50 Marauder GT-S Concept embodies our brand promise of innovation and master craftsmanship“

Cigarette in action

Not a 50 Marauder but a 46 Rider XP in its “Inspired by AMG” Edition

Racing Yacht Comanche

The "Comanche" Story with Ken Read

Professional sailor Ken Read talks about the story of 30m pre-preg carbon fibre racing yacht "Comanche".

Comanche was built for yachtsman Dr. Jim Clark by the US-based shipyard Hodgdon Yachts.

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Meteor I

Meteor - The German Royal Yachts

Note: This article handles not the 52m schooner yacht by Royal Huisman from 2007. 

Meteor were the names of five German royal racing sailing yachts owned by Wilhelm II, German Emperor.

Kaiser Wilhelm II, German EmperorWilhelm II (in English: William II) governed the German Empire from 1888 to 1918 and was also the King of Prussia and belonged to the House of Hohenzollern. His grandmother was Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

Not much known: Wilhelm II was an enthusiastic yachtsman. He owned several sailing yachts and enjoyed yacht races in Germany and United Kingdom. He owned not only sailing yachts. Two of his yachts were the H.M.S. Hohenzollern I (88 meters) and H.M.S. Hohenzollern II (120 meters).

Meteor I

The original name of the first Meteor was Thistle. This yacht was designed by George Lennox Watson launched in 1887 at D. and W. Henderson & Company at the Clyde river in Scotland and had a length of 33.05 meters. The order was given by some members of the Royal Clyde Yacht Club. Her Mission: Challenging the American defender yacht Volunteer at the 7. America’s Cup. Unfortunately, she lost 0-2 against Volunteer from the New York Yacht Club. However, she was very successful when she was back in her home waters. That’s why Wilhelm II bought the yacht because he was looking for a promising regatta yacht.

Yacht Meteor I former Thistle

Meteor I (ex Thistle) in drydock before 1899.

Meteor I Yacht (ex Thistle)

Meteor I (ex Thistle)

Main Specifications

Type:Racing cutter
Length over all:33.05 m
Length water line:26.35 m
Beam:6.20 m
Draft:4.16 m
Sailing area:1.245 m²

Meteor II

Wilhelm II wanted a faster racing yacht. He charged the yacht designer George Lennox Watson to construct the new one. The yacht was also built by D. and W. Henderson like her predecessor. She served until 1902. This yacht was similar to H.M.Y. Brittania

Main Specifications

Type:New dashing racing-cutter of Britannia-type
Length over all:37.06 m
Length water line:27.02 m
Beam:7.27 m
Draft:5.50 m
Sailing area:1.045 m²

Meteor III

1902 – new yacht, new designer and new shipyard. Not British, not German – Wilhelm II decided to the American designer Cary Smith and the American shipyard Townsend & Downey Shipbuilding Co.

Alice Roosevelt – the daughter of the U.S. president Theodore Roosevelt – christened the yacht. That was the beginning of the German-American sailing friendship.

In 1909 Dr. Carl Dietrich Harries (the husband of Werner von Siemens‘ daughter – Hertha) bought the yacht and renamed her in Nordstern (North Star) and converted to cruise with her in German and Mediterranean seas.

Yacht Meteor III

The launch of Meteor III in New York, 25 February 1902

Main Specifications

Length over all:
Length water line:
Sailing area:

Meteor IV

Meteor IV was a complete German yacht. She was designed by Max Oertz and was built by Germaniawerft in Kiel.

Yacht Meteor IV

Postcard of the Meteor IV by the Imperial German Post Office

Wilhelm II on SMS Meteor IV

Wilhelm II on SMY Meteor IV

Oil Painting by Ulrich Hübner - Yacht Meteor IV

Oil Painting of Yacht Meteor IV

Main Specifications

Length over all:47.14 m
Length water line:33.05 m
Beam:8.27 m
Draft:5.49 m
Sailing area:1.371 m²

Meteor V

She was the last and biggest sailing yacht belongs to Wilhelm II. Like Meteor IV also designed by Max Oertz and built in 1914 by Germaniawerft in Kiel.

Main Specifications

Length over all:47.60 m
Length water line:32.13 m
Beam:7.68 m
Draft:5.48 m
Sailing area:1.410 m²