ALL SMOKE Yacht RP90 CUSTOM Reichel Pugh

RP90 CUSTOM by Reichel/Pugh and Southern Wind

Can your home race 25 knots, just powered by the wind? The SW-RP90 CUSTOM ALL SMOKE, developed by Reichel/Pugh can!

Pictures by Peter Schreiber

The SW-RP90 CUSTOM ALL SMOKE is the owner’s vision of a home during regattas and bluewater journeys. The design studio developed her as “ultralight Fast Performance Cruiser” thanks to the extensive use of carbon fiber for the hull, the deck, bulkheads etc. Furthermore, the calculations of the very experienced design office for performance-oriented sailing yachts and flexible sailing setups. The yacht is a construction by the South African-based shipyard Southern Wind. Mast and boom are also made of carbon, delivered by Southern Spars to set almost 500 m² (upwind) and over 1000 m² (downwind) haute couture by North Sails to power her up to 25 knots.  The interior (no pictures available at this moment) was designed by Nauta Design (arrangement by Reichel/Pugh).

The yacht has a length of 27.50m, a beam of almost 7 meters and a minimum draft of 3.80m to reach shallow waters. When the yacht is under sails, the 20-ton keel can be lowered down to 5.80m in under one minute.

ALL SMOKE Yacht RP90 CUSTOM Reichel Pugh
ALL SMOKE Yacht SW90 Reichel Pugh
ALL SMOKE Yacht SW-RP90 CUSTOM Reichel Pugh

Fast & Furious - with the comfort of a cruising yacht

The passionate owner asked for

“a very fast yacht with the comfort and safety standards typical of a cruising yacht but versatile enough for both fast cruises with family and excellent performance in the most renowned offshore and inshore superyacht regattas,”

says Willy Persico, founder, and CEO of Southern Wind Shipyard.

To gain more comfort, Southern Wind installed anti-vibration mountings and insulation to reduce any sound from the engine to minimum. SWS worked with Van Capellen – a Dutch company highly-specialized in noise and vibration control on luxury yachts.

The owner’s cabin is forward located, the guest area amidships. The crew area with galley is at the aft and has its own ladderway close to the helm station to work without disturbing guests.

“Our challenge was to design interiors that were intriguing and innovative but with ergonomics that could function within the structural and dimensional constraints that the performance aspects of the yacht’s design imposed,”

commented Massimo Gino and Mario Pedol, founders and co-heads of Nauta Design.

Developing performance of a sailing yacht is not just calculating lines, it is also to save weight. According to the saying: “A penny saved is a penny earned”, Reichel/Pugh developed the hydraulic anchor arm also in carbon fiber. That saves about 53 % of weight in comparison with conventional aluminum constructions.

During a racing, it is important to change and store sails like a big code zero or a gennaker very fast. The ALL SMOKE got a storage under a foredeck hatch isolated from the living area to stack hundred pounds of sails. The storage is large enough to store also a tender.

ALL SMOKE SW90 Reichel Pugh
Yacht Al Smoke SW90 Southern Wind 90

Transforming into the racing mode

Not by push a button, but just a few steps are required for the fine-tuning: The heavy anchor including the chain can be removed, a bowsprit can be mounted, the pinhead mainsail will be replaced with one with a square top, a twin backstay instead of the cruising centerline backstay is used and some more cruising amenities will be removed.

During her sea trials in cruising mode, she reached a speed of 18 knots.

Main Specifications

Length over all:27.50 m
Length waterline:26.50 m
Beam:6.96 m
Draft:3.80 - 5.80 m
Displacement:47.75 tons
Total Sail Area:469 m²
I:35.70 m
P:37.40 m
J:10.80 m
E:12.20 m
Fuel Capacity:2450 l
Fresh Water:1140 l

Deck Layout & General Arrangement

Deck Layout SW90
Deck Layout

Interior Layout SW90
Interior Layout

Nadir Ferrari Franchi Design

Nadir - 34m by Ferrari Franchi Design

Nadir - a Grand Tourer on the sea, designed by Marco Ferrari and Alberto Franchi.

Grand Tourer typically, the yacht concept was developed for speed, but also to sail comfortably on longer distances. A concept for owners who loves to enjoy cruising with family and friends. Nadir welcomes up to eight guests (to sleep aboard) plus five crew members. The yacht has also enough speed to challenge other yachts at regattas.

Nadir Ferrari Franchi Design
Nadir Ferrari Franchi Design

The tender storage is in the stern, so there are no disturbing things on the flush foredeck. Also, the crew area is at the stern with direct access. The galley has also a direct access to the dining area and the crew mess. That provides more privacy for the guests in the cockpit and the dining area.

The flat superstructure features big windows to have much natural light in the interior. The riggings working hidden under the deck.

Nadir Ferrari Franchi Design
Nadir Ferrari Franchi Design
Nadir Ferrari Franchi Design
Nadir Ferrari Franchi Design

Main Specifications

Length over all:33.79 m
Length waterline:31.80 m
Beam:7.85 m
Draft:3.50 m - 5.50 m (Lifting Keel)
Material:pre-preg carbon fibre and epoxy resin (sandwich construction)

WallyCento Yacht #3

Wally starts construction of 3rd wallycento

Wally Yachts has started the construction of the third wallycento at Green Marine in the UK.

The convincing debut of Hamilton and Magic Carpet3 dueling on the race course persuaded an American passionate Owner to join the club of the innovative box-ruled super yachts: the Wallycento third unit was recently signed and the construction is underway.

“The Wally Class and the wallycento Class successful competitiveness attracted the new Owner” explains Luca Bassani, Wally and Wally Class President “who is a keen sailor and racer, determined to participate in all our regattas, as well as to cruise in the Mediterranean”.

WallyCento Yacht #3
WallyCento Yacht #3 2

Developed by Reichel Pugh naval architects with the exterior styling and interiors by Wally, the third wallycento differs from Magic Carpet3 , designed by the same architect duo, in many aspects both technical and stylistic.
She features different hull lines with a rig that has been balanced accordingly. She has one rudder versus the two of Magic Carpet3. The shaft line is mechanical, whilst remaining retractable. On deck, the new design has been applied to the deckhouse and the coaming that is completely covered
by teak to be integrated into the rest of the deck, resulting even slimmer.
Inside, the layout and the styling are very similar to those of Magic Carpet3, but the galley has been moved to the port side and the crew cabin to the starboard side to avoid any interference of the access to the engine room with the meal preparation.
Furthermore, the new wallycento is the first to feature the bow thruster, enhancing the cruising capability of this class of superyachts.

“The sale of the wallycento third unit confirms the success of the formula” says Bassani “We are confident to further expand the fleet of these super yachts, that share similar high performance to increase the closeness of the racing and the competitive level while remaining very comfortable and fully equipped cruising yachts.”
“Cruising in comfort at the speed of the fastest maxi racer and racing at the highest level of competition is the dream of every passionate yachtsman –continues Bassani– wallycento is the first and only super yacht making this dream come true. By keeping the boats very similar in size and concept, the wallycento Class offers closer racing within a narrow rating range.”

The construction of wallycento #3 has already started at Green Marine, UK with the delivery of the male plug, while the lamination of the female mould
on the male plug is scheduled in January, and the lamination of the hull around mid February. The launching is set for June 2015.

The sale of the wallycento #3 marks a great ending of the year for Wally, that is currently building an array of motor boats recently signed, including the 26m wallyace, 73 wallypower, 55 wallypower, 47 wallypower, Wallyone.

About wallycento

wallycento is the unprecedented box-ruled superyacht by Wally: a groundbreaking super yacht developed from the innovative lines of the latest racing yachts featuring reduced displacement, a powerful sail plan, moveable ballast, improved stability and planing hull characteristics. Cento stands for one hundred, that is the overall length in feet of the new
racer-cruiser: it is the perfect size to combine absolute comfort, outstanding performance, and racing manoeuvrability.
The simple wallycento box-rule has been designed to create closely matched fast seaworthy sound cruiser-racers that benefit from the latest performance technology, respecting the Wally spirit.

Main specifications of wallycento

Length over all:30.48 m
Beam:7.20 m
Draft:4.40 m / 6.20 m
Displacement:49.95 tons
Speed (engine):11 knots
Sail area:640 m²
Accommodation:6 guests + 2 / 4 crew
Saloon:Table and seats for 10
Naval architecture:Reichel / Pugh
Exterior design:Wally / Luca Bassani
Interior design:Wally / Luca Bassani
Construction:Green Marine, United Kingdom
Certification:Germanischer Lloyd
Mast and boom:Southern Spars TPT
Rigging:Southern Spars TPT
Engine:TBD - 300 HP

Video of the finished Wallycento Carpet3