Carmaker Fiat announces a collaboration with Riva and shows a Fiat 500 Riva Edition.

What do you think about a minicar with luxury features and a luxury brand from the yachting industry? Would it be more a job for Maserati? My first thought was:

“Oh my god. Riva, what are you doing there?”

But the more I watch the video, I think it is okay. Especially when you need a small car for small streets or you have it as a tender on a big motor yacht.

The Fiat 500 (available as sedan and cabriolet) Riva has not just a Riva logo, the car has mahogany and maple wood in the interior combined with ivory colored leather seats and blue details. Also aboard: Chrome door mirror caps, climate control system, 7-inch touch screen, 16-inch aluminum wheels. For the first 500 cars: Personalized lettering with 17 letters or numbers at the center console.

I hope, my local dealer will have that car in his showroom to inspect this one if this the quality to represent the name Riva.

The Fiat 500 Riva sedan starts at 17.840 Euro, the cabriolet at 20.440 Euro

By the way, it is not the first collaboration with the Ferretti Group. CRN’s Chopi Chopi had a role in a Fiat 500 commercial spot.