Italian design studio Nuvolari Lenard created a luxurious water taxi for the channels of Venice, built by Cantieri Vizianello.

Carlo Nuvolari and Dan Lenard are known for their exciting designs of superyachts and yacht tenders. Now they created the water taxi THUNDER with a luxurious signature like the limousine tenders of megayachts but with the style of the classic Venetian water taxis. Moreover, the water taxi comes with hybrid propulsion to drive free of emissions in electric-only mode through the channels of Venice. The water taxis also drive in open waters to the airport where they can reach higher speeds with diesel engines so that the boat can recharge the batteries.

Protecting the heart of Venice

Carlo Nuvolari says:

“As Venetians, Dan and I feel a strong connection with the city and have experienced first-hand the damage that is being caused to its delicate structures, through air and noise pollution as well as physical erosion. We felt that it was crucial to address the problems facing our beautiful hometown, and that Nuvolari Lenard was well placed to lead the charge in finding a solution, through a unique project dedicated to helping Venice.”

Currently, Nuvolari Lenard discusses another prototype equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell propulsion for an Asian car manufacturer.

THUNDER seats up to 14 guests in a luxurious ambiance