The Frauscher 747 Mirage is not a Boeing but comparable with a top speed of 56 knots in its 430 HP version.

In case you don’t need this top speed and you are looking for a rationality version: the boat is also available with a moderate 220 HP engine. The price starts at € 153.000 (without VAT). The foredeck is available in three different versions. A gripping surface, a teak deck, and last but not least sun pads.

The 747 Mirage is a very stylish superyacht tender but also a great day boat. With a beam of 2.50m and a weight of 1,800 KG, it is perfect to transport the boat on Europan streets.


The 747 Mirage was designed by also Austria-based product design studio KISKA. Gerald Kiska, CEO commented:

“The 747 Mirage further differentiates the Frauscher brand with a strong design language that is distinct both in its sophistication and its clear link to automotive design. Classic Frauscher design features like the “Z” shaped split line are carried over, while the low nose, exaggerated feature lines and impressive side air intakes result in a design that is sophisticated, strong and supercar-inspired. In terms of performance and styling, there is nothing like the 747 Mirage in its class.”


Harry Miesbauer of /h/arry miesbauer yachts design, responsible for the hydrodynamics of the boat says:

“The hull lines of the Frauscher 747 Mirage feature a vertical bow with deep V front sections for a smooth ride in waves. The aft sections feature a slightly deeper V for a more sporty response in the curves. A lot of attention was paid to elongate the waterlines as much as possible to reduce resistance and increase straight-line speed. Two additional spray rails were added right after the step to push the bow a little down in the high-speed range, just to give it a safer feeling on the helm when pushing hard.“

The Boat in Spider-Man: Far from Home

The Frauscher 747 Mirage has a minor part in Marvel movie Spider-Man: Far From Home. In 2015, the boat was also part of a Heineken commercial with David Craig.

Main Specifications ofFrauscher 747 Mirage

Length Overall






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