The Arksen 85 is one of four yacht sizes with a focus on sustainable yachting to support a foundation and opportunity of fractional ownership.

The 26m explorer yacht has been designed by the naval architects of Humphreys Yacht Design, while the interior of the Arksen 85 comes from Design Unlimited.

To reduce the environmental impact of these motor yachts, the vessel has an efficient design. Even the building process has a focus on reducing the carbon footprint. The chosen materials can be recycled when the boat’s life comes to an end. The hybrid propulsion offers a range of 7,000 nautical miles at 8 knots and 4,000 nm at 10 knots. The top speed is 14 knots.

“Every Arksen vessel is fitted with a modular and flexible monitoring system to analyse the water quality continuously. These include a flow-through system, often seen on ferries, to automatically feedback data to institutions around the world to live track crucial water parameters.”


The standard layout has the master cabin on the lower deck, together with guest cabins. Furthermore, galley and saloon on the main deck. Layout can be changed with galley on the lower deck and master cabin on the main deck forward. The enclosed flybridge offers additional seatings and helm station.

Fractional Ownership

The fractional ownership, branded as Adventure Syndicate, offers to own a part of the yacht without the whole costs of the vessel. Owners can use the yacht 25 weeks per year and 13 weeks of commercial charter. They can also sell the ownership at any time.

Arksen has a calculation example. More on the website:

“Alice is from the UK and has chosen to join a European syndicate that is buying an Arksen 70. She has decided to buy two weeks of adventure on-board per year for her friends and family. For these two weeks of usage Alice will pay £485,000, spread over 18 months (which she may choose to finance), and will have 8% ownership of the vessel. For every year of membership to the syndicate, Alice will expect to pay approximately £32,600 to cover her share of the upkeep of the boat. The commercial charter of the vessel should keep this number down. These costs represent significantly less than half of the cost of chartering a vessel for the same period.

Alice expects to enjoy the benefits of flexible ownership for 10 years. At the end of this period, Alice will receive a share of the proceeds of the sale of the boat equal to her percentage of ownership. If she owns 8% and based on 54% depreciation over the period, she would expect to receive a little over £220,000. At this point, the net cost to Alice over 10 years will have been approximately £326,000 or £2,720 per month.”

Arksen Foundation

The non-profit Arksen Foundation offers a platform for research to identify new species and preservation of existing species. Moreover, to create media to understand the complexity and fragility of the ecosystem around.

Main Specifications of the Arksen 85

Length Overall









Range at 8 Knots