Lorenzo Squadrito of INMIND | DESIGN created project SNAKE that has been shortlisted by THE INTERNATIONAL YACHT & AVIATION AWARDS 2020.

The design of project SNAKE features smooth exterior lines and large glass surfaces to connect the outside feeling into the interior of the yacht.

Designers explanation:

“The brief for INMIND | DESIGN was to create a new kind of yacht design. The first aspect was considered through the owner’s cabin which is usually developed lengthwise, but for M/Y Snake this has been expanded upon across the entire upper deck with an igloo-like glass structure.
INMIND | DESIGN’s signature style is strong with this project. The wide glass panels allow the perfect mix between the interior and exterior and combine perfectly with the wider environment. The glazing creates the light and airy feeling throughout the interior and highlights the most important designer of the world – mother nature.

This kind of solution is perfect for an owner who doesn’t like staying in the same environment and would instead prefer to experience different environments when possible whilst sailing around. Each town, island, and sea become his walls and each sky becomes his ceiling. The inspiration behind this design was a goal to create a bond with the natural environment and thus encouraging the protection of it.”

“When a design is created, the environment around it is changed, since it is assumed that “architecture” must “impact” with the environment around it. INMIND | DESIGN think differently: every architectural element must not transform the environment but rather should try to enhance it or simply give it importance.

Architecture and environment are therefore two very different elements. But precisely because opposites must communicate to create a better landscape: design work cannot be closed in on itself, it cannot fail to ignore the relationship with its surroundings.

The real solution to the ecological problem will only be obtained by radically changing our vision of the project: aiming for quality and not quantity, applying new less invasive construction techniques, and developing new technologies that limit energy consumption.”

Another design contest entry by INMIND DESIGN is Project LEAF.

Interior Styling of Project SNAKE