Wally presents the WHY150

The 78-feet yacht comes with much exterior space. Powered by up to three Volvo IPS1350 engines, the vessel reaches a maximum speed of 23 knots. The owner chooses the triple IPS1200, the boat reaches  21 knots.

The launch is scheduled for February 2023.

Stefano de Vivo, Wally’s Managing Director, explains: “The exterior areas are absolutely huge and are unmatched for her size. The upper deck is completely open, giving you an enormous amount of protected space on top, which is equivalent to what you would see on a 40-meter yacht (131’3’’). On board, you can enjoy a full dining setting on the sundeck, a sunbathing area, a shaded lounge, and much more–almost the full length of the boat is outside. This appeals to a lot of contemporary owners who want to make sure they have a strong connection to the water.” He continues: “Another important detail of the wallywhy150 is the floor-to-ceiling glass which dominates the design of the vessel. This continuous glass which runs through the outside of the vessel is replicated inside: when guests are sitting on the sofa or at the dining table, they will still feel in close contact with the natural environment. Using so much glass obviously presented our engineers with numerous technical challenges, but you have to be brave enough to push the boundaries and shift existing design parameters. You can see this also in our choice to include the highest-ever ceiling in the saloon for a yacht of this size–the headroom reaches 2,5 meters (8’2’’), which is usually found inan 80-meter yacht (262’4’’).”

Interior of the Wally WHY150

The master cabin on the main deck has a 270-degree panoramic view. For the lower deck, the Owner can choose a 2-VIP or a 1-VIP + 1 guest cabin layout.

Luca Bassani, Wally’s Founder and Chief Designer, comments: “It is the simplicity and accessibility of the layout which makes it so appealing to a huge range of clients–it offers the ultimate flexible platform for those looking to expand the horizon of traditional planning-craft usage. This is the first vessel with direct access to the sea at cockpit level with no stairs necessary–it is effectively a floating loft on the water. As we all know, owners are increasingly prioritising adventure on the water and exploration more than ever, and we made sure to incorporate this into thewallywhy150’s design.”