Dutch yacht builder Van der Valk has the 34m explorer yacht project 111.11 in build.

The construction of Project 111.11 is currently underway at Van der Valk Shipyard in the Netherlands, combining the unique ideas of owners with extensive experience in boating with the creative expertise of exterior designer Guido de Groot and interior designer Carla Guilhem. This 34-meter superyacht builds upon the successful hull design of the acclaimed Lady Lene, serving as a foundation for a fully customized superstructure and four decks of entertainment facilities.

Van der Valk Shipyard has achieved significant success in its specialized market, specializing in constructing bespoke superyachts ranging from 25 to 45 meters. The yard has received widespread recognition within the industry, including recent accolades such as the World Superyachts Award for the 34-meter Blue Jeans. The clients who commissioned Project 111.11 were motivated to create a vessel that has the potential to win multiple awards of its own.

Project 111.11 is currently under construction as a commercial yacht, adhering to the RINA C✠HULL • MACH; Ych – Short Range – Red Ensign Yacht code – Part A to facilitate charter use. Additionally, an essential requirement for this project is the installation of twin commercial Volvo Penta 7750-hpcontinuous-duty engines.

The extensive outdoor relaxation options on Project 111.11 exemplify its purpose, particularly on the sun deck. This area features a forward-facing jacuzzi, spacious seating, and a bar. The center deck offers a U-shaped lounging area with a folding table, allowing for activities such as formal dining and cocktail parties. Aft-facing sunbeds complete the utilization of this space, with a clever system of doors and panels that can be used as a partition when necessary due to weather conditions.

The integration of a windbreak into the design was a challenging task, as it also serves as support for the large hardtop. However, the design team successfully solved this puzzle, among many others, to provide ample storage and facilities that enhance self-sufficiency and enable the owners to spend more time at sea without the need to dock in port. All available spaces under the sunbeds and sofas have been utilized effectively.

Just as the length, exterior profile, and general arrangement of Project 111.11 have evolved, the interior style has also undergone significant changes from its initial concepts. Carla Guilhem recalls the clients’ initial preference for strong, hard lines. Still, when presented with alternative ideas for a cozier approach, they became excited and entrusted the design team to create something entirely different.