Monaco-based yacht brand Wally launched Renderings of the new Wally Power 50.

The concept of the Wally Power 50 is between their Wally Tender range and the bigger Wally Power 58.

With the twin Volvo Penta IPS650s, the boat can reach 36 knots and a 30-knot cruise mode. A joystick can handle the boat when the optional DPS (Dynamic Positioning System) is ordered. The X-version of the Wally Power 50 can have four 400 hp Mercury outboard engines with a top speed of 48 knots and a range of 240 nautical miles. Optional: A Mercury 500 hp race engine configuration is possible. Then, the Wally Power 50x has a speed of 50 knots and a range of 180 nm.

The new wallypower50 is a real key addition to the range, serving as a link between the wallytenders and the wallypowers,” says Stefano de Vivo, Managing Director at Wally. “As such, we have imbued it with everything that both ranges offer, and more besides – the wallypower50 sets a new standard for being flexible, practical, dynamic, and – of course – iconic. It is the ultimate example of the evolution of a species, and it highlights once again that Wally remains several steps ahead of anything else on the market.”

Motor Yacht Wally Power 50

You can draw a direct line from the original, legendary wallypower118 to the wallypower50,” says Luca Bassani, Wally’s Founder and Chief Designer. “The wallypower118’s heart beats within the wallypower50 and the wallypower118’s sharp, angular lines, deep-V hull and aggressive double-chine profile are mirrored in the wallypower50’s dynamic and seaworthy hull – but the wallypower50 is perhaps the purest and most essential in form yet to earn the ‘power’ epithet. What’s more, its ability to be anything from chase boat to dayboat, offering everything from utilitarian support to ultimate style makes it another milestone launch for Wally.”

Motor Yacht Wally Power 50 Outboard