TANKOA Yachts from Italy launched 69m M/Y "Suerte" also known as Project S693 and she looks much better in real than in her rendering.

Suerte‘s delivery to her owner was in the mid of August 2015. The yacht was built to meet Dock R.I.N.A and Lloyd’s requirements.

The yacht was designed by Francesco Paszkowski (exterior and interior) and Margherita Casprini (interior).

Naval Architect Professor Ruggiero comments:

“I launched more than 400 boats in my life. I don’t remember when I saw last such a perfect result for the first time in the water. As good a naval architect can be, once the underwater lines are delivered and tank testing reached satisfactory results, we don’t have full control of what the builder’s technical office and project management do all along the project. In this specific case, I can tell that all they did is just amazing”.

Edoardo Ratto, GM of Tankoa declared right after Suerte left the dock:

“Achieving such perfect balance at first launch happens once every 40 new launches. I am truly and sincerely emotional about it because this is our first yacht as Tankoa and despite our impressive technical office, the highest level of professionalism of our engineers and our background in yacht building there are always some unforeseen factors that can affect balance at the time of first launching. Most builders are still capable to compensate an eventual slight balance issue with all that is left to install onboard, but here, we have nothing to correct.”

Michel Karsenti of Yacht Ology commented right after the first sea trials:

“We are really thrilled with the results right off the first sea trials. According to the contractual specification, the top speed was to be 16.5 knots at half load. Like any other builder, our performances are to be obtained by calm sea with 5 knots wind. A first sea trial always require a lot of organization and it happened that on the programmed date, we had a solid 2 to 2.5 meter swell with wind blowing from 18 up to 35 knots in gusts and we still decided to go. The 7 to 8 hours sea trial was just terrific! We reached top speed in excess of 18 knots with a load close to 70 percent. Not only that, our 5,500 NM range was to be obtained at 12 knots. We will have the 5,500 Nautical Mile contractual range at 14 knots, which makes a true difference when going across the Atlantic.

Vibrations are inexistent and sound level is already in line with our specs without loose furniture nor decoration having been installed. The project simply exceeded all our wildest expectations! A happy owner will be our best reward! I am very proud of the Yacht-Ology / Tankoa association has this shipyard as a true winning technical team and I can only admire the rigor, professionalism and expertise of the management team including Euro Contenti, Edoardo Ratto, Renzo Chelazzi and Andrea Parodi. I, too, remained deeply impressed with the work of Naval Architect, Professor Ruggiero whose experience is second to none and by Albert McIlroy, the owner’s surveyor commitment to built the best boat.”

Main Specifications SUERTE

LOA:69.30 m
Beam:11.30 m
Draft (full load):3.30 m
Max. Speed:16.5 knots (Range: 2500 nm)
Cruising speed:15.0 knots (Range: 3000 nm)
Long range speed:12,5 knots (Range: over 5000 nm)
Exterior design:Francesco Paszkowski 
Interior design:Francesco Paszkowski 
Building year:2015