B120 - a compact explorer yacht.

B120, the latest addition to the range of full-displacement explorer superyachts, embodies a fresh perspective and showcases design and engineering solutions exclusive to Bering yachts. With its expansive 8.9-meter beam, this 37.1-meter vessel offers ample space, allowing designers and naval architects to incorporate various configurations, allowing yacht customization to meet the owner’s exacting standards.

B120 presents itself as an optimal selection for individuals who prioritize spaciousness and comfort and those who are intrigued by Bering’s buy-to-charter initiative. This yacht offers a range of possibilities, enhanced by the adaptability of its wide-beam displacement hull. These possibilities may encompass a configuration with six identical cabins, four on the main deck and two on the lower deck, providing comparable accommodations for charter guests. Additionally, secluded areas are thoughtfully incorporated to cater to individuals seeking privacy, while expansive relaxation zones offer ample choices for engaging in water activities or indulging in serene sunbathing.

The current design of B120 boasts a displacement of 437 tons. It offers ample accommodation for 12 guests and nine crew members across its four decks, ensuring all individuals have the necessary amenities. Powered by twin diesel engines, this vessel can cruise at 10-12 knots, with a maximum speed of 14 knots. With a tank capacity of 54,100 liters, B120 can travel over 4,000 nautical miles without refueling. Overall, the Bering 120 is an extraordinary superyacht that surpasses its counterparts in terms of versatility. Undoubtedly, the Bering 120 is a vessel that one would desire to be aboard.

Alexey Mikhailov, Founder of Bering Yachts: “While designing this boat, we have received plenty of feedback from our customers, and we tried to execute their suggestions in B120. For example, a private deck accessible only by the owners, or a trendy request – a beach club.
What is different about B120, you don’t need to go down to the beach club, as in most boats of this class. We have blended it with the swimming platform, and the beach club is now elevated by 70 centimeters, making it more useful.”