The Monaco Yacht Show is the place to be for the biggest superyachts

Usually, the Monaco Yacht Show is a must go for a yacht blogger/journalist like me. On the other side, I try to avoid travels. I know it is contrary, but when I am underway, it is a problem to write articles fast about new projects mostly unveiled during events. yachtemoceans is still a one-man show.

In 2019, I decided to travel down, and I enjoyed the show. I met a lot of great people in my superyacht network und met new people and had the chance to visit some yachts I wrote about.

The numbers of the Monaco Yacht Show 2019 are incredible. The worth of the 125 exhibited yachts (44 new launches) are four billion euros! The average asking price of the yachts is over 37 million euros, and the average length was about 50 meters.

30.000 visitors visited the exhibition space of 42.000 square meters. I hope to see old and new faces at the Monaco Yacht Show 2020!

Monaco Yacht Show 2019 - a summary in pictures

Motor Yacht TIS by Lürssen

A visit request for motor yacht TIS was rejected by Lürssen but the exterior was majestic.

EXCELLENCE - a very special superyacht with reverse bow

I don’t know what the problem with the German shipyards in my “neighborhood” is, but also, a visit request for EXCELLENCE was rejected. I should move to the Netherlands.

Random photos I made during the Monaco Yacht Show