Baikal Yachts started the work on two 86m hulls for the Baikal 86 Explorer and Expedition - including a catamaran tender.

A team of international designers, architects, and engineers from the Baikal Yachts Group has commenced work on two 86-meter hulls. This project involves the collaboration of specialists from various countries, including Russia, Italy, Germany, and others.

Although sharing common exterior elements, the two superyachts have been specifically designed for different sailing areas. When a customer approached the company to develop an 86-meter yacht, the specialists proposed two distinct hulls simultaneously while maintaining the exact planning solutions that appealed to the owner. Consequently, the concept of an explorer and an icebreaker was conceived, with one yacht intended for navigation in southern latitudes and the other for travel in northern latitudes.

Both projects share standard features, such as the owner’s space and the control post. The owner’s cabin, offices, salon, library, sports facilities, and meditation area are almost identical from the third to the fifth deck of both megayachts. This ensures that the yacht owner can transition seamlessly between the two vessels without the need to readjust to the space, allowing for a comfortable and familiar personal environment. While the yachts’ exterior may not be identical, the superstructure has recognizable details. However, the purpose and level of comfort of the yachts differ significantly.

Baikal 86 Explorer or Expedition?

The Baikal 86 Explorer offers ample open space for enjoying pleasant, warm weather, featuring a spacious swimming pool on the main deck and two Jacuzzis on the owner’s deck. The hull will be constructed in the fast displacement format. As for the power engines, two diesel-electric systems with a capacity of 4000 hp each will be utilized.

The Baikal 86 Expedition boasts an indoor swimming pool, while the open main deck has numerous technical facilities for water and land activities. The hull is designed in the style of a cutting-edge icebreaker, and it will be powered by two diesel-electric systems with a capacity of 5000 hp each, along with two electric pod drives.

Both superyachts can accommodate two helicopters, with the Explorer version featuring an additional garage for one helicopter. Alternatively, the owner can request an open garage instead of a bow platform for a helicopter, allowing for the storage of an extensive tender in the form of a Baikal 14 DS catamaran. This catamaran is constructed using a new aluminum alloy developed by Rusal, which incorporates scandium and provides exceptional hull strength, enabling it to navigate even in icy conditions. Furthermore, the catamaran can be customized to reflect the owner’s preferred car brand.

The completion of this project is estimated to take approximately five years. Pre-project approvals are underway, and a shipyard is being selected to commence the construction of the superyacht hulls.

Baikal 14 - the catamaran tender for the 86m superyachts