Vitruvius Yachts (a brand by Philippe Briand) presents a new explorer yacht platform in seven different versions.

The new concept contains the typical explorer design features with open aft deck and the capabilities to transport tenders and toys including sailing yachts with standing masts, helipad or a two-level garage. But the concepts contains also a 45m crossover concept.

“Our team is driven by pushing the frontiers of yacht design,” said Philippe Briand, designer and naval architect at Vitruvius Yachts. “Of course, the needs and functions of expedition yachts, explorers and Mediterranean yachts would at first seem independent of one another. But there are clear intersections where we can create solutions that span multiple categories.”

“We understand that today’s owners want to use their yachts to host glamorous parties on the French Riviera or the Greek Islands as well as venture to remote Pacific islands or even the polar regions. In response, we have created a collection of concepts that showcases the iterations transitioning from expedition to explorer to Mediterranean yacht. It helps an owner to visualize where they would like to place their yacht in terms of capabilities across different environments,” added Briand.

1. Expedition Scientific

With a low profile like M/Y Exuma or Galileo G and space for two nine-meter tenders on the aft deck. It comes with a 50m aluminum hull or a 45m steel hull with ice-class.

Expedition Scientific Vitruvius Yachts
Expedition Scientific
Expedition Scientific Deck Layout Vitruvius Yachts
Expedition Scientific Main Deck Vitruvius Yachts

2. Expedition Mediterranean

Vitruvius Yachts Expedition Mediterranean
Expedition Mediterranean Vitruvius
Layout Expedition Mediterranean 50m Vitruvius

3. Expedition 2 Level Garages

50m Expedition 2 Level Garages
Expedition 2 Level Garages
Expedition 2 Level Garages Vitruvius

4. Expedition Beach Club Garage

Expedtion Beach Club Garage 45m
Expedition Beach Club Garage Profile

5. Explorer

Explorer 50m Vitruvius Yachts
50m Explorer Vitruvius Yachts

6. Crossover

Crossover 45m Vitruvius Yachts
Crossover Profile
45m Crossover Yacht Vitruvius

7. Med Yacht

Med Yacht Vitruvius Yachts

“We are very excited by the new yacht concepts in this boundary-crossing range,” said Veerle Battiau, General Manager at Vitruvius Yachts. “The designs include varying combinations of expedition yacht features – such as a large garage, along aft deck and helipad – with the efficient hull of an explorer and the exterior leisure space, interior comforts and access to the sea of a Mediterranean yacht. The yachts break the conventional design barriers.”