Just a preview - but a preview of sharp lines: Project LOTUS

Project LOTUS comes as a 70m shadow vessel idea and as an 88m DynaRigged sailing yacht.

Involved in the projects are the design studio ThirtyC and the DynaRig specialists Dykstra Naval Architects. The DynaRig is proven on Maltese Falcon and Black Pearl. The DynaRig appeared as a concept by German engineer Wilhelm Prölß in the 1960’s. Dykstra did further developments for the Maltese Falcon rig to realize this concept.

As you can see in the animated video below, it seems the shadow yacht has a helicopter hangar to protect the air tender from the elements.

Royal Huisman will release more information during the upcoming Monaco Yacht Show.

88m DynaRig Sailing Yacht

70m Shadow

Video Animation of Project LOTUS