Espen Øino created the 85m motor yacht Project LIFE for the Italian shipyard Benetti Yachts.

Benetti has recently unveiled Project LIFE, an 85-meter megayacht that aims to enhance its existing fleet. Renowned yacht designer Espen Øino has lent his expertise to the exterior design, while Francois Zuretti has contributed to the interior design. By collaborating with Øino, Benetti can tap into his extensive knowledge and reputation in the international yachting community.

Project LIFE builds upon Benetti’s distinctive characteristic of creating new lifestyles, mainly focusing on the stern area of the yacht. Øino offers various interpretations of this concept across the decks, allowing for multiple experiences. All spaces aboard Project LIFE are designed around social entertainment, featuring large communal areas and adaptable meeting spaces on each deck. Notably, the yacht boasts a remarkable revolving lounge that adjusts its focal point depending on the time of day.

Regarding sustainability, Project LIFE incorporates the latest technologies to minimize energy consumption. This includes a highly efficient and optimized hull, diesel-electric propulsion with fossil and non-fossil fuel (HVO) technology, and POD transmission. The yacht is also equipped with integrated hybrid solar panels that harness solar and thermal energy to power the tenders, toys, and appliances onboard.

Francois Zuretti has made significant contributions to yachting history in collaboration with Benetti throughout his career. Notable examples of their joint endeavors include the remarkable vessels Ambrosia, Saga, and the Benetti Classic, Tradition, and Vision series. Zuretti’s expertise in interior design is evident in his ability to strike a harmonious balance between color schemes and the surrounding environment. This is achieved by cleverly using expanded openings, which allow natural light to permeate the spaces and showcase the ever-changing landscape. Zuretti’s meticulous attention to detail is particularly evident in his careful selection of materials and ceiling heights, establishing a seamless and cohesive connection between the interior and exterior spaces. The resulting contemporary and inviting environments incorporate modern design elements, such as curved lines, which can be observed in the Main Reception, Main Saloon, and Upper Lounge areas. Furthermore, Zuretti’s commitment to maximizing the enjoyment of sea views is exemplified by the inclusion of floor-to-ceiling windows, which provide unobstructed vistas of the surrounding waters. Additionally, Zuretti has skillfully designed a lighting system that creates evocative atmospheres throughout all leisure areas, further enhancing the overall experience for those on board.