Benetti Yachts announced a collaboration with Igor Lobanov to create a 55m of the Benetti B.YOND motor yacht line.

Prepare to sail on the newest addition to the B.Yond family – the 55M! Designed by the renowned Igor Lobanov, this is his first collaboration with Benetti, and it’s nothing short of spectacular. The B.Yond line was created by Paolo Vitelli and Stefano Righini, who wanted to revolutionize the yachting world. They wanted to create a vessel that wasn’t just a traditional megayacht or an extreme explorer but a new category in steel designed for intrepid owners with a thirst for discovery. And that’s precisely what they did with the Voyager, the first 37M in the B.Yond line.

The B.Yond line is all about volume, reliability, and seaworthiness. And with the new 55M, Lobanov has taken it to the next level. He’s enhanced the “Voyager” spirit of the line with environments designed to offer guests diverse experiences, even during extended stays on board. Each of the five decks was intended for a distinct use, always ensuring privacy and intimacy for guests and crew. And to provide for more activities, the concept of layout “fluidity” was introduced. This innovative approach to positioning the stairs has created new spaces inside the yacht, replacing the classic ideal of symmetry.

But it’s not just the interior that’s impressive. Lobanov was inspired by the clean lines of the luxury automotive world for the exterior design. He focused on creating fluid yet massive, robust, and rounded shapes. And the side of this 55-meter vessel is a game of optical illusions, creating a highly suggestive visual effect. So get ready to explore the world in style with the new 55M from the B.Yond family!