Damen (the mother company of Amels) presents a concept of a massive designed expedition ice class yacht called SeaXplorer - A luxury SUV for the seven seas.

Damen is normally the part of commercial ships, the Yacht Support Vessels and the mother company of AMELS. Now they unveiled this explorer yacht with an impressive vertical bow. The yacht concepts are available in the sizes of 55m, 65m, 77m (LA DATCHA), 90m and 100m. All versions can carry helicopter(s), submarine(s) and various tenders.

Damen SeaXplorer features an ice breaker hull

The yacht range has ice-class up to class 6 to break 90 cm first-year ice. The yacht uses its stern to break the ice to keep comfort and performance at a maximum.

Damen SeaXplorer

Rob Lujiendijk – CEO of AMELS says

“A number of experienced yachting clients approached us about adapting DAMEN’s professional vessels, so we knew from them that there were simply no globally capable luxury explorer yachts out there. And that’s also what we heard from EYOS Expeditions who have decades of experience in bespoke luxury expeditions to the wildest places on the planet. So that’s why DAMEN began developing the SeaXplorer. The result is well beyond a pretty rendering. It’s a fully developed range – something only DAMEN could do.”

Although SeaXplorer looks heavy, massive and bold, inside will be the pure luxury for journeys with maximum comfort.

55m SeaXplorer

Update September 27, 2017: Damen presents plans for a 55m version.

“With a SeaXplorer 75 and a SeaXplorer 65 from our range already sold and now under construction, this new design benefits from our dedicated SeaXplorer team’s experience and the input from our clients and partners. The SeaXplorer 55 will be at home just as much in the South of France as it is in South Georgia Island.”

Product Director Mark Vermeulen:

“The SeaXplorer 55 is a luxury yacht with real go-anywhere, do-anything expedition pedigree. It has the seakeeping performance and Ice Class capability, but we also offer lots of options for our clients – from full fairing and custom interiors to tailor-made configurations for their expedition equipment.”

Update August 15, 2017: Damen announced the sale of a 77m version with a hangar for two helicopters protected from the elements.

“Together with his guests, our client plans to visit some of the most beautiful and remote areas of the world,” comments Commercial Director Rose Damen. “They will be skiing and snowboarding on pristine slopes like Kamchatka and submersible diving and sports fishing in Papua New Guinea and the Galápagos Islands. They will be in places with no supporting infrastructure, no roads and no heliports within range. So we designed the SeaXplorer 77 to carry out such complex operations with the highest level of safety, redundancy and autonomy.”

“Our designs in the SeaXplorer range are a great starting point to quickly create customized yachts for specific Owner requirements,” comments Mark Vermeulen, DAMEN Product Director. “The SeaXplorer 77 shares the range’s core attributes: compliance with the IMO Polar Code, the long periods of autonomy at sea, and the crossover of superyacht luxury with professional capability.” 

Damen SeaXplorer

Damen SeaXplorer 77

Key Features 77m

  • Swim Platform leading to Dive Centre (prep, changing, dry room, tank store and compressor room)
  • Below-deck submersible hangar
  • Below-deck toy store for jet skis, snowmobiles, etc
  • Tender garage for 10.5-metre beach party landing craft
  • Additional dive support tender and crew/rescue tender
  • Wellness Center
  • Sun Deck jacuzzi
  • Retractable zero-speed stabilizers for use in ice conditions
  • Huge Tank Deck provisions stores and garbage management

Renderings of the Damen SeaXplorer 77

Some rendering impressions