Italian shipyard Arcadia Yachts unveiled a renovated version of the Arcadia 115 which marks the fifth hull of the yacht model.

As many other yacht models, also the Arcadia 115 has been designed by the Italian yacht design studio Hot Lab. This fifth hull will be built on speculations and is ready in 2021. This yacht model is for both personal and charter operations.

“All the previous A115 yachts have been very successful in the charter market and on average have been rented for over ten weeks a year,” explains Ugo Pellegrino, the Sole Director of the Italian shipyard. “For this reason, when building this unit on spec, we decided to implement all the required commercial specifications, so the owner could decide to use the yacht for this purpose at a later date if so inclined. In any case, we are certain that even if the owner decides to use the yacht for personal cruising, the features required by charter class yachts will be to the advantage of the crew on board as well.”

Interior of the Arcadia 115 #5

Typical for Arcadia is the extensive use of glass to welcome a lot of natural light in the interior. Moreover, the superstructure features solar cells for less use of the generators at anchor.

“If we were to make just two examples, we could pick the jardin d’hiver on the upper deck and the arch that connects the aft and stern of the yacht” explains Enrico Lumini, from Hot Lab. “In the jardin d’hiver we worked so that the transparency clearly perceived when viewing the A115 from outside can be experienced inside as well. We achieved this with low furniture items concentrated inside the volume, away from the uprights and the large windows. Even for large elements, such as the 75” TV, we found solutions that reduce the visual impact as much as possible, such as hanging solutions.”

“The arch is a very strong feature, a distinguishing trait of ARCADIA’s A range,” adds Lumini. “Arches matching the main one have been included on the decks, to bring to mind the exterior line when standing inside. I am referring in particular to the lobbies and stairs, which are very important areas to valorize on the A115.”