Kleven ULYSSES aka U116: Norwegian shipbuilder Kleven Verft launched their second superyacht to the same owner after Ulysses in 2014.

Kleven U116 (370) was designed by Marin Teknikk in cooperation with New Zealand based Oscar Mike Naval Architects for Graeme Hart. The yacht has a length of 116m.

Update 5th December 2016: She arrived Stahlbau Nord in Bremerhaven, Germany for final outfitting like her smaller sister (Ulysses 107m (now ANDROMEDA). The vessel accommodates 66 people.

“It has been a great pleasure working with Mr. Hart and his team on this magnificent project. We highly appreciate the trust they have shown us by placing not just one but two orders with Kleven, in what was a new segment for us,” said Ståle Rasmussen, CEO of Kleven.

ULYSSES Yacht 116m

Image by Berge Myrene

ULYSSES Yacht 116m

Furthermore, Kleven’ CEO states:

“Drawing on our extensive experience in building complex offshore vessels, this new vessel type designed and built for Mr. Hart serves as a great example of how close cooperation within the Norwegian maritime cluster brings the industry forward and into new markets.”

ULYSSES uncovered

“I am very pleased with the quality of the work that has been done by Kleven, and how our organizations have worked together to bring this exciting project to life. I am very much looking forward to seeing both vessels being finalized.”

commented the owner Graeme Hart.

Some of the new tenders for ULYSSES

The big flybridge motor yacht is a Princess 68. The smaller open yacht is a VanDutch 40 or 55. I think it is the 40 feet version. The covered boat with the four outboard engines seems to be a HydraSports Custom Sueños. Comparing with the former yacht of Mr. Heart, this is just an excerpt of the complete tender fleet.

The (traditional) technical launch in Norway

The former 107m ULYSSES (now AND0RMEDA)

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