Arcadia 115 Yacht Hot Lab Yacht Design

Arcadia 115 // Hot Lab

Italian shipyard Arcadia Yachts unveiled a renovated version of the Arcadia 115 which marks the fifth hull of the yacht model.As many other yacht models, also the Arcadia 115 has been designed by the…

Arcadia A105 Motor Yacht

Arcadia 105 feat. Hot Lab

New Arcadia 105 in collaboration with Hot Lab Yacht & Design presented. The first unit was christened RJ.The new Arcadia 105 RJ is the evolution of the 100 feet model presented in her full grace…

Arcadia Sherpa XL Motor Yacht

Arcadia Sherpa XL

Some years ago, Arcadia presented the 17m Sherpa with her unique design. Now they come up with the Arcadia Sherpa XL with almost 24m, designed by Hot Lab (exterior and interior).Arcadia is known for…

Panta Rei III Motor Yacht Arcadia Sherpa

PANTA REI III - A special Painted ARCADIA Sherpa

PANTA REI III belongs to the ARCADIA SHERPA line and was painted in the owner's Rolls Royce color (Silver Sand).ARCADIA developed the color together with their nautical supplier in two months with… arcadia yachts hot lab yacht design

FOR.TH - 47m by Arcardia Yachts

Arcadia Yachts presents FOR.TH a new 47m motor yacht concept designed by Hot Lab.Arcadia is known for their approach creating eco-friendly motor yachts with extensive use of solar panels to reduce…

Arcadia 100 Motor Yacht

Arcadia 100 - Greener Luxury Yachting

Arcadia Yachts is an interesting brand for people who wants to own a luxury yacht with the approach to be green. The yard presents now the Arcadia 100.Update: Together with Hot Lab Yacht &…

Arcadia Sherpa Yacht

Arcadia Sherpa - 17m with extensive outdoor spaces

The Italian shipyard Arcadia Yachts presents the spectacular looking Arcadia Sherpa - A 17m motor yacht.Check also: PANTA REI III – A special painted Sherpa with Rolls Royce color Arcadia…