In addition to the WallyWind110, the Monaco-based yacht brand added the WallyWind150 and WallyWind130 to their sailing yacht line.

The progress made on Wally’s super sailing range has achieved a significant milestone with the unveiling of the larger yachts’ first detailed renderings. While the construction of the wallywind110 continues, the in-house design team, led by Luca Bassani, has collaborated closely with the esteemed naval architect firm judel/vrolijk & co and design studio Santa Maria Magnolfi to develop the awe-inspiring new wallywind130 and wallywind150.

These vessels embody the quintessential Wally DNA, as evidenced by their impressive speed potential, constructed entirely from carbon fiber composite and beautiful lines. The interior design seamlessly blends extreme comfort with contemporary aesthetics.

The exterior of these colossal sailing yachts exudes exceptional pedigree. The sheerline runs aft from the plumb bow towards the open “Terrace-on-the-sea” transom, with the foredeck free of any obstacles or features that could challenge the eye or toes. The glass-set coachroof is so low profile that it barely disrupts the lines of the yachts.

In contrast, the bulwarks have been designed so that the coachroof conceals a vast and convivial raised salon that seamlessly transitions into the cockpit without altering levels. The vessel boasts no less than three social zones occupying over a third of its length, creating an unparalleled entertainment space unmatched by yachts of similar size. Among these zones is the renowned ‘Terrace-on-the-Sea,’ pioneered by Wally in 1998 with Tiketitan.

The twin helm stations have been discreetly positioned just inside the raised bulwarks, allowing guests to participate in the sailing activities as much as they desire. The sail controls and navigation displays have been set amidships, with barely a rope in sight. Wally’s original Magic Trim system, which has since been widely imitated, enables the main and self-tacking jib to be set and adjusted at the push of a button using concealed hydraulic rams. Only the enormous, bespoke spinnaker sheet winches on the quarter reveal the vessel’s true nature.

Wally Founder and Chief Designer Luca Bassani explains: “The wallywind150 is the natural evolution of the Wally144 Kauris IV launched in 2020. It includes some Wally iconic features, such as the cockpit protected by the high bulwarks, the Terrace-on-the-sea and the raised saloon. On the other hand, it also introduces a few more revolutionary features such as the forward guest area which doubles as a tender garage when not in use, a truly private owner’s terrace aft as well as a new interior layout to enhance flexibility for the owner.” 

Underneath the front deck lies a concealed compartment for storing a generously sized tender. On the Wallywind130, the tender measures 4.50m (14′ 9”), while on the wallywind150, it measures 5.00+m (16′ 4”). This compartment is cleverly hidden from view. On the larger superyacht, this compartment also serves as a forward guest cockpit, which can be transformed into a cushioned dining area or lounge. Additionally, the hydraulic passerelle in the transom can be neatly stored and adjusted to provide elegant access to the quayside or water.

The utilization of technology for enhanced performance is a fundamental aspect of this design, as it is with all Wallys. Wally has pioneered and continues to develop a complete carbon lay-up, which ensures exceptional hull rigidity, rapid acceleration, and excellent responsiveness at the helm. The use of full pre-preg vacuum lamination, along with meticulous post-curing at 85°C, guarantees flawless lamination and minimizes weight to the utmost extent.

WallyWind150 Sailing Yacht

Implementing a retractable keel system enables both yachts to transition seamlessly between performance and shallow-waters cruising modes. The twin rudder setup similarly balances fingertip control while underway and ease of access. A variable pitch propeller ensures optimal thrust under power while folding under sail to minimize drag. The new Wallywind line is further enhanced by bow and stern thrusters, which improve maneuverability. Wally’s underwater anchor launching system is naturally utilized to maintain the purity of the lines around the bow and shift weight aft to reduce pitching.

Wally’s intelligent “double deck” layout is at the heart of both vessels’ design, which situates the primary social areas beneath the stunning coachroof. This layout boasts a nearly ethereal structure that combines carbon ribs with expansive curved panes of glass and delicately illuminated panels. The result is a panoramic view that encompasses the entire horizon and the sails overhead. It isn’t easy to imagine a dining and seating area that could offer more.