JFA Yachts built the 22m (70 feet) fast-cruiser sailing yacht BASYC, designed by Finot-Conq

The fast-cruiser BASYC is also known as Project FC² 70′ – FC² stands for Finot Conq x Fast Cruiser. The design studio is very well-known for performance oriented sailing yachts.

FC² has an aluminum hull, a superstructure in glass/epoxy, and a carbon-fiber rig.

The draft of 4.40 m provides a deep barycenter for a large sail plan for more speed. To spent time in smaller harbors and anchor bays, the draft can be reduced to 2.00 m. The fast sailing yacht with the wide stern features a double rudder. To maneuver easily with the single-screwed engine, BASYC has a stern thruster alongside the bow thruster.

Light and bright interior

The interior uses a lightweight veneer of Zebrano wood with white surfaces and orange upholstery as accents. Windows in the superstructure and the hull allow a lot of natural light in the interior. The owner’s cabin and a cabin for the crew are forward located while two guest cabins are at the aft. All cabins have ensuite bathrooms.

In addition to the diesel generator, there are two hydro generators mounted on the stern to recharge the battery banks during sailing trips.

BASYC Yacht Tender Garage

The tender garage houses a 3.40m boat

Main Specifications of BASYC

Length over all:22.30 m
Length waterline:21.35 m
Beam:6.28 m
Draft (Swing Keel):2.00 m - 4.40 m
Material:Aluminum (hull) and Epoxy/Glass (supertructure)
Engine:1 x 180 HP
Displacement:29 t (light)
Sails Upwind:370 sqm
Sails Downwind:485 sqm

Layout, Profile & Sailplan

BASYC Yacht Layout

General Arrangement

Sailing Yacht BASY JFA Yachts

Profile & Sailplan

Exterior photos and video: Benoît Stichelbaut

Interior photos: Bernard Geléron

Tender photo: JFA