Industrial designer George Gibbens created the 65m yacht concept VENA CAVA.

VENA CAVA features a superstructure made of 90 percent renewable materials like glass, aluminum, re-usable plastics, and wood from sustainable forests. Moreover, there are large solar panels.

A 360-degree upper deck of VENA CAVA offers an unobstructed view.

“The focus point of this design was to provide a calming space where one can practice meditation as well as yoga.”

“There are multiple lounging areas from inside, poolside and at the back with a teppanyaki station.

Alongside the back are folding doors to port, starboard and stern for launching various crafts as well as boarding the ship.

The objective of design is to be invisible, to remove boundaries or borders between humanity and nature. This pursuit is evident in the Vena Cava vessel with both its physical design as well as its overarching impact on the planet, striving to reinstate equilibrium.”