Newly launched 46m Unfurled by Dutch yacht builder Vitters and Argentinian yacht designer German Frers won awards Sailing Yacht of the Year 2016 and Sailing Yacht 45 meter and above at the World Superyacht Awards.

Unfurled also won the 2016 edition of the St. Barth Bucket 2016 in Class A – Les Gazelles des Mers – a winner yacht on many levels.

Interior Designer, Oliver Stirling:

“Unfurled is a remarkable yacht for remarkable owners. The success of her interior is due to their passion and experience of sailing, matched by their uncompromisingly high standards and knowledge of Design and the design process.”

Germán Frers, designer and naval architect

“Success brings satisfaction and more success. This is the second yacht we designed for this special pair, the Owners, which were involved in every detail and judged every decision. Innovations were questioned and had to be proven before they were adopted. Aesthetic consideration has been the driving motivation but in the end, common sense prevailed above all. Unfurled is the product of team work of the Owners, the project manager Vitters the builder, the spar maker and the sail designers”

Unfurled Yacht Vitters

Louis Hamming, Managing Director at Vitters Shipyard

„For the Vitters team, Unfurled was a remarkable project to work on. She carries a great number of innovative and in-house developed elements that all have been carefully engineered and built. We would like to thank everyone who has taken part in this project; now recognized as the sailing yacht of the year.”

Unfurled Yacht Vitters