New Arcadia 105 in collaboration with Hot Lab Yacht & Design presented. The first unit was christened RJ.

The new Arcadia 105 RJ is the evolution of the 100 feet model presented in her full grace in February 2017. It is the first time that Arcadia – the innovation-driven yard with the green aspiration – teams up with the Milan-based studio Hot Lab Yacht & Design.

Antonio Romano comments:

“In general we will respect the masculine lines, clean and multifaceted, that represent the familiar image of the yard; we will reinterpret them to further develop the onboard living spaces, both inside and out, that represent the quintessence of each ARCADIA yacht”.

The yacht comes now for sale with a price of 7.900.000 €.

The 105 got some updates on the exterior design like a wider lounge area on the sundeck. Furthermore a sunbathing area on the bow.

In total, the Arcadia 105 RJ offers seats for more than 20 guests for dining. 10 on the formal dining table, another twelve at lounge area that can be transformed into a dining area.

The main salon has full-height windows and fold-out bulwarks to create a kind of a luxurious pavilion on the water.

Interior of Arcadia 105 RJ

The superstructure has the typical Arcadia feature: An army of solar panels that reduces generator use to a minimum. This system makes the yachts very autarkic without diesel smell or noise. It produces enough power to run the most important systems.

Upper Deck/Wheelhouse

The upper deck with helm station is a combination between outdoor and indoor space. Thanks to electric windows like in a car, it can be fully enclosed when bad weather comes out or can be opened for sunny days.

Ugo Pellegrino, ARCADIA YACHTS sole administrator, comments on the new direction:

“We are convinced that the success of a yard, which includes us at ARCADIA, is connected to the experience that the owner and his entourage are part of, from the moment that they begin to think about a new yacht to when they decide to sell it to buy another. Here the role of the design studio in the early phase of design plays a fundamental role in creating a solid and trustworthy relationship between the yard and the owner. We, therefore, went to the best professionals in yacht design who not only are technically prepared, but also have an extraordinary ability to listen and to emphasize. Only when we could completely identify ourselves with the owners could we really understand the nuances of the client’s needs and imagine designing the details that make the difference when creating a successful semi-custom project.

After thinking very hard about our choices and working together on several pilot projects, we decided that the best partner to evolve into ARCADIA 2.0 would be the design studio Hot Lab. I am sure that our collaboration will be an immediate success, both with our first projects and with the relations that we are developing with old and new ARCADIA clients.”

“The purpose of our work with ARCADIA will be to contribute to the continual evolution of the brand, already so avant-garde”, explains Antonio Romano, partner at Hot Lab. “Our objective is to develop the winning characteristics of the ARCADIA brand in concordance with client briefs. ARCADIA Yachts is a consolidated and successful reality and we have approached them with enormous respect and pleasure given our first-hand experience with the quality of their products and their highly professional workforce and management.”

There are five different interior layouts to meet the requirements of many owners. Below one example.

Deck Layouts