Solo Yacht Tankoa

Tankoa S701 "SOLO"

Project S701 by Tankoa Yachts has been launched and christened M/Y SOLO.

The 70m concept S701 is designed for open-plan living spaces to bring the outdoor to indoor. The “Sea Lounge” features an oversized beach club with an integrated bar. Also, a sauna, hammam and private balconies with sea view are disposed of here. The panorama dining area makes it feel outside but protects from the outside elements.

The touch and go helicopter landing area of M/Y SOLO can be transformed into a dance floor. The Sky Lounge has a big sized gym and massage area. Thanks to her big windows with a free sea view. A state of the art pool and with the sunbathing area can be found on the Sky Lounge too. The Sun Terrace invites with sun beds, sofas, and a 360° view.

The almost 100 m² master stateroom is located on the foredeck area under the bridge and allows a 180° view over the sea. Here is also a private studio, private jacuzzi and private sunbathing area.

Michel Karsenti, the sales and marketing director of Tankoa commented:

“Our aim is not to compete with our Italian colleagues, it is to compete with Northern European shipyards. There is a highly tangible reason why our price is higher. But our Italian business model and regulations mean that we will be more competitive than Northern Europe.”

Interior Renderings

SOLO has six cabins for twelve guests. The owner has a private deck with master suite above the main deck. It features a private pool and sunbathing forward. The private deck has also an office and an extra relax area. Furthermore, an aft area with bar, seatings and the helipad.

The guest cabins are located on the main deck. There are two double cabins, two twin cabins, and one VIP cabin.

The lower deck accommodates a crew of 17 (plus captain next to the bridge) on the lower deck. Alongside a crew mess, it contains also an extra relax area for the crew. A hospital and the galley is also on the lower deck.

Tankoa S701 Bullet Points

Sales and Marketing Director Michel Karsenti comments:

“The owner is a truly experienced boat lover. This is his second build with Tankoa and his wish is now to put Solo on the market for sale and build a new Tankoa, probably larger. It is surely rewarding for all of us at Tankoa to see a client who basically has very little time to enjoy his boat considering his hectic business life but enjoys the construction and creation process so much. 
As much as we would like to see the client enjoy his boat, we are truly happy to have developed such trustful relationship with such knowledgeable client. Solo will be exhibited in Monaco and will surely sale quickly as she is an exceptional yacht that will demonstrate that Tankoa is the alternative to Northern European shipyard to build a high-quality yacht at reasonable cost and extreme flexibility. 
But overall, the most amazing factor between his previous yacht, Suerte and the new one, Solo, is the countless number of technical details that have been improved. The interior is also very different with all seats and tables by Fendi Casa. I am pretty sure Solo, like Vertige, will have a big impact on the market at the upcoming Monaco Yacht Show.”

Baglietto 48m T-Line

Baglietto 48m T-Line

The Baglietto 48m T-Line will be presented in Cannes and Monaco

The displacement yacht has a steel hull and aluminum superstructure. 350 sqm of space can be enjoyed on this vessel. The sundeck comes with spacious 140 sqm and features al-fresco, sunbathing and an infinity pool.

The 48m vessel has a traditional layout with a master suite on the main deck and four guest cabins on the lower deck. Main deck and sky lounge are equipped with floor-to-ceiling-windows for a lot of natural light in the interior. Speaking of the interior: That was designed by Baglietto in-house team and Francesco Paszkowski.

Baglietto describes the interior as follows:

The clear colors of the Italian national walnut, perfectly combined with touches of gold and bronze, create a sophisticated and warm atmosphere.

The beach club comes with a space of 47 sqm and features a bar, steam shower and an area that can be used for a gym, spa or an area to relax.

Vertige Yacht Tankoa Elettra

Project ELETTRA (S502) by TANKOA Yachts

TANKOA Yachts announced the sale of Project ELETTRA - a sister ship of M/Y Vertige.

ELETTRA comes with the same beautiful exterior design by Paszkowski Design like VERTIGE but with another interior and propulsion system.

The 50m motor yacht will have a propulsion system with four different modes.

The two electric engines are powered by two generators and offer a range of 4,900 nautical miles at a speed of 10.5 knots.

One engine is on and powers one electric engine on the same shaft and the other one as a generator. The diesel generators are off. The yacht has a range of 4,000 nautical miles.

Both main engines are on for a speed of 17 knots. Also, one diesel generator is on for hotel functions.

The yacht has a top speed of 18 knots, powered by her two main engines and two generators for extra power to the electric engines and board systems.

The yacht will feature a beach club with gym, three VIP cabins and two guest cabins on the lower deck alongside with the crew area.

The launch is scheduled for February 2019, delivery in May.

Main Specifications

Length over all:49.90 m
Beam:9.40 m
Draft:2.21 m
Exterior Design:Francesco Paszkowski Design
Interior Design:Francesco Paszkowski and Margherita Casprini
Main Engines:2 x MTU 8V4000M54
Electric Engines:2 x 300 kW
Generators:2 x 250 kW variable speed
Gross Tonnage:< 500 GRT
Top Speed:18 knots
Range at 12 knots:> 4,000 nm
Classification:Lloyd’s (MCA LY3)

Sister Ship VERTIGE

Van Tom Yacht Heesen Yachts

VanTom (aka Project ALBA) by Heesen

VanTom is a 50m semi-displacement full-aluminum motor yacht

VanTom (YN 18050) belongs to the 5000 aluminum class like her sister ship Monaco Wolf and was started as on spec project. Francesco Paszkowski and Margherita Casprini created the interior closely together with the owners.

“a contemporary and unique aesthetic of understated elegance where they can enjoy peace and relaxation and feel like home.”

The exterior was designed by Frank Laupman of Omega Architects.

The yacht reached a maximum speed of 23.3 knots (0.3 knots over the contracted speed) and has a range of 3,100 nautical miles at 11 knots. 12 guests will be accommodated in five cabins on the lower deck and the master suite on the main deck.

Heesen will deliver the yacht in February 2018.

Van Tom Yacht Heesen Yachts
Van Tom Yacht Heesen Yachts
VanTom Yacht Heesen
VanTom Motor Yacht Heesen

Captain David Burge comments:

“During sea trials, the yacht handled extremely well and gave a very smooth ride, even whilst proceeding at a speed of over 20 knots with a sea running. I am most excited about our maiden voyage down to the Mediterranean Sea and very much look forward to the 2018 summer cruising season.”

Tankoa S533 Saetta Yacht


The TANKOA S533 SAETTA is a 53m planing yacht with a top speed of 28 knots.

Responsive for the sporty and aggressive look that comes with an extensive use of glass is the Italian yacht designer Francesco Paszkowski and comments:

“Tankoa S533 represents a leap forward, a glimpse of the future. The evolution of the path we have followed up to now with the new project for Tankoa, a yard that we are proud to work with, combines speed with solidity, cleanliness of lines and forms with dynamic lightness. The extensive use of glass was adopted to bring in the sea, and the essentiality characterizing the exterior styling amplifies this sen sensation of an endless horizon.”


The yacht has a cruising speed of 24 knots and has a range of 600 nautical miles. At 17 knots, the yacht can cruise 1,200 nautical miles.

Main Specifications

Length over all:53.00 m
Length Waterline:47.30 m
Beam:9.20 m
Draft:1.70 m
Displacement (max.):310.000 kg
Exterior Design:Francesco Paszkowski
Main Engines:3 x MTU 16V 2000 M94L with two Jet Kamewa 80 S III – 1 Booster Kamewa 80 B III
Top Speed:28 knots
Fuel Capacity:40,000 l

Vertige Yacht Tankoa

Vertige by Tankoa Yachts

Vertige aka S501 - a 50m motor yacht by Italian shipyard Tankoa Yachts.

This yacht’s exterior lines come from the boards of Francesco Paszkowski from Italy. The studio designed also the interior together with Margherita Casprini.

Euro Contenti, CEO of Tankoa declared:

despite the impressive background and success track records of the entire Tankoa management, we are extremely proud that the client, his surveyor, and broker, Daniel Bussani from Aquila Yachting, decided Tankoa was the most suitable shipyard to built his new yacht after investigating a number of European builders”.

The displacement yacht with a GRT of under 500 has a range of 5,000 nautical miles at a speed of 12 knots. The yacht reached the contracted top speed of 16 knots at half load during her sea trials.

Vertige Yacht Tankoa
Vertige Yacht Tankoa
Vertige Yacht Tankoa

Edoardo Ratto, General Manager of Tankoa Yachts, commented:

“The first sea trials, which lasted about eight hours, were simply incredible. Vertige reached a top speed of 16.5 knots at 60% load (about 33,000 liters of fuel and more than 20,000 liters of water). S501 has a range of over 5,000 nautical miles at 12 knots, which really makes a difference when going for Atlantic crossings. There was no vibration at all and the decibel readings were inferior to contracted levels – in the owner’s suite and Vip cabin, levels were below 50 decibels”.

The Owner’s suite and a VIP suite of Vertige are on the main deck. The owner’s suite has two lateral foldout terraces. Two another VIP and two guest cabins are on the lower deck. The main saloon has state-of-the-art floor to ceiling windows with lowerable bulwarks. The aft deck area of the main deck has also 3-meter long foldout terraces.

The upper deck is a great socializing area. There is a dining area for up to 16 people and wrap-around sofa for up to 20 people with a foldable TV screen. A 7-meter tender can be stored in a garage on the lower deck, another place for toys or a smaller tender is in front of the bridge.

Albert McIlroy Owner’s representative comments:

“…I followed the construction of the first delivered Tankoa Yacht, the 69,30 meter Suerte. This was a very large yacht for a first, but it was backed up by the limitless experience of Tankoa’s managers and technical office. This being said, it was a challenging experience as we were working with a very tight contractual delivery schedule. With S501, the shipyard has greatly improved their time schedule management and operation processes and they truly have a Teutonic approach that often leaves me speechless for an Italian builder. I can say, after having supervised the construction of many yachts worldwide, not only the work pace and productivity at Tankoa are superiors but it is also probably the first time I see a yacht that size where the production schedule is fully respected without altering the incredible flexibility Tankoa starts being known for.”

Vertige Motor Yacht Blueiprod
Vertige Motor Yacht Blueiprod
Vertige Motor Yacht Blueiprod

Main Specifications

Length over all:49.99 m
Beam:9.40 m
Draft:2.40 m
Exterior Design:Francesco Paszkowsky Design
Naval Architecture:Massimo Visibelli
Interior Design:Francesco Paszkowsky Design and Margherita Casprini
Max. speed16 knots
Criusing Speed:14 knots
Engines:2 x MTU 1,432 KW @ 2.450 rpm
Range @ 12 knots:5.000 nm
Classification:Lloyds + MCA
Material:Aluminum (hull and superstructure)
Fuel:65.000 l
Fresh Water:16.600 l

Profile & Layouts

TANKOA Vertige 50m Profile

TANKOA Vertige 50m Flydeck
Fly Deck

TANKOA Vertige 50m Upper Deck
Upper Deck

TANKOA Vertige 50m Main Deck
Main Deck

TANKOA Vertige 50m Lower Deck
Lower Deck

Running shots by Alberto Cocchi

Interior and Exterior shots by Blueiprod

Suerte by Tankoa Yachts

SUERTE by Tankoa Yachts

TANKOA Yachts from Italy launched 69m M/Y "Suerte" also known as Project S693 and she looks much better in real than in her rendering.

Suerte‘s delivery to her owner was in the mid of August 2015. The yacht was built to meet Dock R.I.N.A and Lloyd’s requirements.

The yacht was designed by Francesco Paszkowski (exterior and interior) and Margherita Casprini (interior).

Naval Architect Professor Ruggiero comments:

“I launched more than 400 boats in my life. I don’t remember when I saw last such a perfect result for the first time in the water. As good a naval architect can be, once the underwater lines are delivered and tank testing reached satisfactory results, we don’t have full control of what the builder’s technical office and project management do all along the project. In this specific case, I can tell that all they did is just amazing”.

Edoardo Ratto, GM of Tankoa declared right after Suerte left the dock:

“Achieving such perfect balance at first launch happens once every 40 new launches. I am truly and sincerely emotional about it because this is our first yacht as Tankoa and despite our impressive technical office, the highest level of professionalism of our engineers and our background in yacht building there are always some unforeseen factors that can affect balance at the time of first launching. Most builders are still capable to compensate an eventual slight balance issue with all that is left to install onboard, but here, we have nothing to correct.”

Michel Karsenti of Yacht Ology commented right after the first sea trials:

“We are really thrilled with the results right off the first sea trials. According to the contractual specification, the top speed was to be 16.5 knots at half load. Like any other builder, our performances are to be obtained by calm sea with 5 knots wind. A first sea trial always require a lot of organization and it happened that on the programmed date, we had a solid 2 to 2.5 meter swell with wind blowing from 18 up to 35 knots in gusts and we still decided to go. The 7 to 8 hours sea trial was just terrific! We reached top speed in excess of 18 knots with a load close to 70 percent. Not only that, our 5,500 NM range was to be obtained at 12 knots. We will have the 5,500 Nautical Mile contractual range at 14 knots, which makes a true difference when going across the Atlantic.

Vibrations are inexistent and sound level is already in line with our specs without loose furniture nor decoration having been installed. The project simply exceeded all our wildest expectations! A happy owner will be our best reward! I am very proud of the Yacht-Ology / Tankoa association has this shipyard as a true winning technical team and I can only admire the rigor, professionalism and expertise of the management team including Euro Contenti, Edoardo Ratto, Renzo Chelazzi and Andrea Parodi. I, too, remained deeply impressed with the work of Naval Architect, Professor Ruggiero whose experience is second to none and by Albert McIlroy, the owner’s surveyor commitment to built the best boat.”

Main Specifications

LOA:69.30 m
Beam:11.30 m
Draft (full load):3.30 m
Max. Speed:16.5 knots (Range: 2500 nm)
Cruising speed:15.0 knots (Range: 3000 nm)
Long range speed:12,5 knots (Range: over 5000 nm)
Exterior design:Francesco Paszkowski 
Interior design:Francesco Paszkowski 
Building year:2015

Tankoa S801 Superyacht Concept

Tankoa Yachts presents S801 Concept

The Genoa-based shipyard Tankoa Yachts presents their new 80m motor yacht concept called S801

The S801 is based on a new platform model which can be extended to 88m. The 80m version will have a beam of 13.50m and a gross tonnage of 2,500 GT.

The main deck will take advantage of the yacht’s full beam, providing maximum volume in this size segment.

Tankoa S801 will feature four decks plus a sun deck. An enormous main deck lounge will welcome guests aboard, while the five VIP cabins with in-suite baths will be located in the fore part of the main deck to maximize silence and comfort (in line with the 70-meter design philosophy).

Tankoa S801 Superyacht Concept

The owner’s gigantic suite will be located on the upper deck aft section. His apartment will consist of a grand “bedroom” with two walk-in closets, a massage zone, private SPA/Sauna, personal office and a spacious bathroom.

These amenities are just part of the initial proposal for S801 as the shipyard will consider fully custom designed layout.

Just like sails in the wind, the decks float as if suspended between sea and sky

S801 has the code name “Golden Wings”, the S801 is Francesco Paszkowski’s vision of Italy’s most famous and beautiful ship of all time, the Amerigo Vespucci. Her superstructure seems to be literally suspended in mid-air, an interpretation of how the sailing ship would appear if her rig was shifted aft.

The reference to Amerigo Vespucci is an excellent way to pay tribute to one of the greatest Italian maritime explorers of the world.

Tankoa S801 Superyacht Concept
Tankoa S801 Motor Yacht

“From the early stages of the project, the plan was to introduce a different approach to the market,” says Michel Karsenti, Tankoa Sales Director. “In recent times we’ve seen a number of yacht designs that followed popular trends, only to look obsolete after just a couple of years. This project is very different. Our aim is to create something radically new based on the elegant design language of a classic sailing ship. The result will certainly be exciting but also timeless – an important consideration for any discerning owner looking to maximise the resale value of a valuable investment.”

Innovative structures: steel, aluminum, and titanium

With advanced structures and applied technologies, Tankoa Yachts intends to build one of the world’s most innovative yachts. The hull will be made of high tensile steel, with a light aluminum alloy superstructure. Other state-of-the-art technologies, such as titanium reinforcements, presently under study, should be part of the package.

The S801 concept project will be completed in the next few months with further development of technical specifications, principal system layouts, and engineering


Tankoa S801 PROFILE

CRN Saramour 61 m

CRN Saramour: World premiere at Monaco Yacht Show

CRN presents the in March 2014 launched 61m SARAMOUR (CRN 133) at the 2014 edition of the Monaco Yacht Show.

The exterior and interior design were created by Francesco Paszkowski. The naval architecture of the yacht was developed by the CRN in-house team.

With a length overall of 61.3 meters and a beam of 10.20 meters, the yacht has 5 decks plus a sub lower deck. It includes 5 guest cabins, 2 guest suites, 2 VIP cabins and a Master Suite, accommodating a total of 10 guests, plus 14 crew. SARAMOUR is equipped with two 3512 C-C 1230 kW@1800 rpm Caterpillar engines, allowing it to reach a maximum speed of 15 knots and a cruising speed of 14 knots.


[youtube url=""]

Monaco Wolf Heesen

Heesen Yachts delivered Monaco Wolf

After the sea trials on the north sea, Heesen Yachts delivered the 50m Monaco Wolf to her owners.

Monaco Wolf‘s exterior lines are designed by Frank Laupman of Dutch design studio Omega Architects. The interior comes from Italian designer Francesco Paszkowski.

Owner’s Representative Howard Lowe from Royale Oceanic commented:

“During the first day of sea trials, we had the chance to test the vessel in moderate weather conditions with wind force 3 / 4 and waves around 1 meter. We met all requirements and the yacht performed well. M/Y Monaco Wolf is now ready to be extensively used and enjoyed during the summer season in the Med.”

This positive result was possible thanks to the efficient teamwork between the well-established Heesen shipyard working group and the Owner’s team who strenuously worked together to deliver to the Owner and his family a vessel that will exceed their expectations.

Monaco Wolf Heesen

Picture by Jeff Brown

heesen yachts monaco wolf

Main Specifications

LOA:49.80 m
Beam:9.00 m
Draft:2.50 m
Max. Speed:23 knots
Exterior design:Omega Architects
Interior design:Francesco Paszkowski Design | Margherita Casprini
Building year:2014
Main engines:2 x MTU 16V 4000 M73L
Fuel capacity:68.000 liters
Range @ 11 knots:3100 nm

Tankoa S693

TANKOA S693: Work in progress

Since the recent official announcement of the sale of Tankoa S693, things have been moving quickly at Tankoa's state-of-the-art facility in Genova, Italy. With its recent partnership with Michel Karsenti's Yacht-Ology, Tankoa has been working on two fronts, pushing production on S693 and new models developments aside.

As of May the 27th, 2014, Tankoa is proud to announce that construction of S693 is ahead of its production schedule by almost two weeks.

1. The new stainless steel built transom has been completed and fairing has been started on it.

2. Faring on the hull and the superstructure is 85 % completed and paint primers will start being applied early June.

3. Exterior decks are in the process of being leveled and this task is now 70% completed. All the decks will be made ready to final installation of 21mm teak decks that are already manufactured and stored in Tankoa's hydrometry controlled warehouse.

4. Piping and wiring are both works in progress.

5. Sounds and vibration insulation will be completed on lower decks, and main deck by early June.

6. World Class Interior manufacturer Cantu Contract is working currently onboard setting up the first frames that will be used to attach the washed teak walls as per Francesco Paszkowski and owner's choices.

7. Stainless Steel doors, pantographic automatic doors, and watertight doors have been contracted to world's leader in the field, Opacmare, that will start delivering the first elements in July.

8. Final green light has been given by the owner for the interior decor.

On a more technical aspect, and further to the redesign of the aft section of the project, Architect Vincenzo Ruggiero went again to Vienna Tank Testing Facility to validate the design of the aft part of the extended hull. Extensive tank testing are shown excellent results considering S693 will need 200 kW less power to run its cruising speed of 15 knots. This is a great achievement due to sharp design of the lengthening of the running surface.

About the exterior and interior design

Owner's requests had been received loud and clear by Francesco Paszkowski. Interiors shall be modern, but warm and inviting using only noble and natural materials. Circulation onboard was to be made easy by wide passages and crew was to be able to perform their tasks without interfering with guests privacy.

According to the owner, a very knowledgable yachtsman, this task has been 100% achieved.

Exteriors details

Guests will be able to board the yacht either from the swimming platform, via the lateral tender garages, by the gangway or the hydraulic Royal ladder.

When boarding from the platform, they will access the interior walking trough the magnificent “Beach Club” equipped with saloon, large TV screen, bar, day head, shower, massage room, sauna and hammam, both with direct access to the sea, thanks to their fold out terraces.

The “Beach Club” is all dressed in washed teak panels, while the back wall is entirely made of slate. In the center of that wall, a central staircase leads directly to the main deck and its reception area.

From the gangway, guests will discover an oversized lounge. The owner being very attentive to the well being of his family and numerous friends wanted this space generous. Around 20 people will be able to take place on the aft deck sofas.

From the tender garage, where toys and the two 7,50 meter tenders will be stored, a door allows to access the beach club.

From the side Royal ladder, guests will find an even wider space amidship on starboard side and a massive glass window allowing access to the main lobby, the interior stairwell and the main elevator, S693 being equipped with two elevators.

The upper deck will be equipped, in its aft section protected by the overhang of the sun deck, with a 16 person dining table, a lounge and two L-shaped sofas allowing perfect view to the sea. Usual stainless steel balconies have been replaced by tempered glass.

The fore part of this deck is devoted to the owner's private terrace with direct side access from his suite. He will enjoy a 6 meters long sofa with its own built-in refrigerator and a four people Jacuzzi surrounded by sun-pads. The position of this terrace offers total privacy considering the set back of the wheelhouse on the top deck and the lower position of the fore-pick. 

This outdoor space will be equipped aft and fore with gates showing the crew the owner wants privacy. This entire section of the boat will also be equipped with trendy carbon fiber poles with built-in LED lights and sun tents.

The sun-deck, aft of the top deck, will be another great social area with a touch-and-go helipad which is large enough for a twin turbine helicopter such as an Augusta 109 to bring guests onboard. At night, the heli-deck becomes a dance floor with lights, speakers and a DJ station.

Further to the front, two sun pads will allow guests to dry up in the sun after using the 5 meter swimming pool with built-in stools to enjoy drinks at the bar that ends the pool. The pool will also be equipped with a waterfall flowing like a water blade from the superstructure.

Another interesting feature is the crow's nest that has been designed on the roof where owner and guests will surely enjoy navigation. This area is accessible via an invisible ladder or using the second elevator leading there from the gym.


S693 has been designed and engineered to offer the upmost comfort. From the aft deck, access to the interior is not made by usual aft automatic sliding doors - that constantly opens and closes when people are moving on the aft deck - but through lateral sliding glass doors.

Guests will therefore arrive in a real winter garden, entirely surrounded by glass walls. Here, the atmosphere and decor will offer a nice transition between outdoor space and interior space. Decoration was very inspired by Japanese houses, with greens, floor to ceiling windows and slate floors. The bar, with its airplane wing shaped portion is an eye blink to the owner's taste for everything that flies. This entire area will in fact have three functions. It will be used as a meeting/rest space flooded by natural light but still under air, as a social area with its gorgeous designed bar or as a true reception area where the chief stew will literally act as a concierge.

Further to the front is the main saloon the owner wanted to be actually a true family/TV room. The U shaped sofa is surmounted by a library. Including the armchairs, over 16 people will be able to watch latest blockbusters on the 80 inches screen recessed in a black stone wall. Further to the front, the 16 people dining table is centrally located and benefits huge floor to ceiling windows too. On the saloon side, the partition wall is highlighted with a fish tank while the fore bulkhead is a giant wine display created by Paszkowski.

On starboard side, the lateral corridor will lead guests to the main lobby with its central stairwell and main elevator. From there, the entire rest of the main deck is devoted to guests accommodations. Four guest cabins and a full width VIP suite which are designed in a very zen style will enjoy total silence compared to usual lower deck located guests cabins. Each cabin, considering their main deck position, are flooded by natural light, thanks to oversized windows instead of conventional portholes. Decoration is a mixture of washed teak, elegant Chinese lacquered ceilings, black piano lacquered details and black marble with some touches of rich leather upholstery.

The owner deck is entirely devoted to crew members who are benefiting particular attention to volume and ease of work including TV room, rest area and crew mess. On that deck, two lateral doors open directly to the sea. On one side, it allows loading of provisions directly into the cold room space while on the other side, crew will be able to board the vessel without interfering with the guests. This deck also hosts a professional grade galley that was designed by a team of yachts’Chef and one of Italian most renowned restaurateur.

The upper deck is basically divided in two sections. The fore part is entirely devoted to the owner's apartment with study/library, bathroom with his and her toilets, wardrobe and the cabin itself which floor is elevated to offer a 180 degree view from the king size bed.

The aft part of this deck is a true achievement in design and functionality for guests. The central column that hides the exhausts’ dry engine pipes (the usual options of under water exhaust was not retained considering Tankoa's will to reduce vibration and noise to the maximum, due to the Rina Green Star certification as well. One of the two Northern Lights generators is also using dry stacks to make sure, when guests are enjoying the beach club, that no fumes could run along the hull when the boat is at anchor).

One side of this column is dressed with 3D effect Jerusalem stone while the other three faces are covered with leather “sellier” panels. On starboard side is an Opium bed facing a flat screen TV hidden by a glass panel. This section will be used as a casual TV room but, thanks to sliding walls, it can be isolated to be turned into an extra cabin with bathroom. On port side, there is a Sushi bar with stools and two restaurant styled round tables.

The center aft portion of the deck is a panoramic salon with giant flat screen TV, fireplace and baby grand piano. The ceiling, here, is a masterpiece with high glass skylights installed in the bottom of the swimming pool. This will give a truly fresh atmosphere to the sofa zone with natural light flowing through the water.

The panoramic deck is shared between the all integrated glass panel wheelhouse, the captain's office and the captain's cabin. The aft part of the deck is the gym, with state of the art equipment, bathroom, elevator to access the crow's nest as well as a rest area.

 Main specifications

LOA:69.30 m
Beam:11.30 m
Draft (full load):3.30 m
Max. Speed:16.5 knots (Range: 2500 nm)
Cruising speed:15.0 knots (Range: 3000 nm)
Long range speed:12,5 knots (Range: over 5000 nm)
Exterior design:Francesco Paszkowski 
Interior design:Francesco Paszkowski 
Building year:2015


1. Question: You were the designer of the original two 65 meter Tankoa projects. You were asked to considerably modify the design to grow the project to 69,40 meter. How did you live with this? 

Answer: I did it with a lot pleasure and passion because it gave me the possibility to “revise and upgrade” some parts of the project that were to be revised to be more in line with today’s market trends, I hope. 

2. Question: The vertical transom has been replaced by a more traditional one, with side stairs and an oversized sliding glass door. A lot of the vertical design elements have been replaced by curves. Do you feel this completely changed the philosophy of the yacht and the essence of the project?

Answer: I honestly believe that the project did not suffer negative modifications; at the opposite, it maintained its initial scheme and offers even better solutions. The layout was giving extreme privacy to the owner and his guests and this “evolution” of the initial project reinforce that aspect of the overall project.

3. Question: The management team at Tankoa Yachts is not new to you as an important part of your career was made with them at the time they were the managers/owners of Baglietto from 1996 to 2004 “golden era”. Is this a return to your “roots”? Does it make the understanding between Tankoa Yachts and your studio easier?

Answer: Absolutely! Working with the same individuals who have been the spine of the Baglietto shipyard in Varazze from 1996 to 2004 with whom I did a number of unique projects is making my task (the realization of this project) very easy. Clearly much easier than it would be with a start-up shipyard and in general manner much easier than with most builders.  

4. Question: What is it that would characterize Tankoa Yachts as a builder compared to other builders? Are the work processes and the organization at Tankoa usual compared to other Italian builders? How would you describe their work procedures?

Answer: I believe that the work methods at Tankoa can be compared with the one of most other yards. What I felt, though, is that with each person of their team, there is a profound wish to produce high quality work with personal implication and direct attention to every single detail. And I must confess this is something I only found, to that extend, with some highly experienced foreign builders. It really seems to me, Tankoa has the ambition to show the world that the Italian Excellence is alive in the yachting industry, not only in the fashion, the sport cars or the design spheres. 

5. Question: Michel Karsenti from yacht-ology is involved in a number of new constructions. He is known for always squeezing builders to deliver the best possible yachts. How is his work philosophy received at Tankoa as it is always difficult for a shipyard to keep on raising the bar even after contract has been signed?

Answer: I believe that it is very important to be able to cooperate with people such as Michel Karsenti. He integrated himself perfectly in the spirit of the yard. His presence, instead of being considered a pressure factor at Tankoa is more perceived as the presence of a person who, thanks to his experience, can bring growth and credibility both to the yard as well as the designer. He suggests, proposes, verifies, always respecting the roles, and this is the proof of his importance and his professionalism