LEAF - designed by Lorenzo Squadrito of InMind Design to follow a human's needs.

Alongside Project SNAKE, also LEAF is a shortlisted project by INMIND DESIGN at THE INTERNATIONAL YACHT AND AVIATION AWARDS.

Designer’s comment:

“People nowadays are always attempting for THE Progress in each single feature of their present ;
But could this be involve risks? Is it possible to assumpt that perhaps all of us are going to pass the ‘tipping point’ and in those moment we will wonder if it would have been better for us to get back to the woods-lifestyle? Just like in a Gaussian curve.
My yacht Leaf is a the iconic response to this thought. Because the design must follow the human’s needs.

The aim for this project was to create an innovative proposal that remained feasible on a practical level, both in terms of construction and commerciality. This refit project evolved from the decision to keep the superstructure of the yacht entirely unaltered while reinterpreting its lines with a fresh, modern twist and strong sense of personality, using as a guideline the express wishes and constraints of the owner.”

“Leaf presents numerous innovations which include; replacement of the classic tinted windows with clear glass thereby obtaining visual continuity between hull and deck; widening the ‘cover’ that forms the upper part of the bow which slims the line; environmental sustainability and nature as cardinal elements; the lounges on the main and upper decks to come to life along the sides while the central areas will appear free to as to create a perception of more ample space.

Here the desire is to return to use of space which is not purely rationalistic but rather designed for the exclusive contemplation and aesthetic appreciation. Another noteworthy element is the inclusion of areas dedicated to virtual reality, these can be used not just as a means of passing the time, but with greater advances in the field of technology, could one day permit to an alternative approach to working life.”