AWARE is an 80m motor yacht concept by Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design that features optimized space and a connection between outside and inside.

The realm of superyachts revolves around the concept of optimization, encompassing various aspects such as luxury, the limited time owners spend on board with their loved ones, privacy, and the myriad of pleasures life at sea offers. AWARE, in particular, places great emphasis on optimizing space as a fundamental element of its design vision.

Sander Sinot explains: “For the design of AWARE the focus is on maximizing the space on board within the yacht’s limited structure. We designed open plan layouts for the beach club, lounges and exterior decks that offer inherent flexibility and ample space while reducing the number of decks.”

Furthermore, AWARE achieves an unparalleled level of outdoor space on the beach and upper decks, the primary living areas frequently used by owners. This reduction in gross tonnage (GTs) enhances the overall experience and adds significant value to the superyacht.

The prudent application of proportions in the exterior and interior of AWARE is instrumental in optimizing the overall sense of tranquility, thereby engendering a pure spatial encounter. Illumination is employed as a means to establish interior ambiance through the utilization of shutters, adaptable blinds, and concealed skylights with grids that permit regulated amounts of natural light.

Sinot: “For our design team, this is one of the most challenging concepts we have ever launched because this is a next step in a yacht’s overall efficiency, and we believe a next step in yacht design.” This efficiency, Sinot stresses, results in the Essence of Luxury: “AWARE combines a superior quality of build with a sophisticated use of natural materials and a seamless integration of technology resulting in a minimalistic, essential design atmosphere that creates a holistic awareness of the yacht for a true connoisseur owner.”

Situated at the forefront of AWARE’s main deck, the owner’s stateroom spans 80 square meters and encompasses living, sleeping, bathroom, and dressing areas. The utilization of space is optimized to provide an unparalleled sense of spaciousness. The state room’s open-plan layout integrates a bedroom, lounge, balcony, and private jacuzzi. The seamless transition from the interior to the exterior is facilitated by glass sliding doors and a glass bulwark. Combining the bathroom and dressing areas in the owner’s stateroom maximizes the efficiency of space utilization. All the owner’s stateroom features are custom-designed and hand-crafted from natural and durable materials.

AWARE possesses four elegantly furnished guest staterooms strategically positioned around the central staircase lobby. These accommodations offer an uninterrupted view of the encompassing seascape through their expansive full-length windows in the bedrooms and ensuite bathrooms. The design of these guest staterooms aims to cultivate an ambiance of delightful intimacy and conscientious hospitality.

The bridge deck of the vessel features a spacious exterior deck measuring 460m2, providing ample space for guests to enjoy panoramic views of the sea. The deck’s interior encompasses a lounge, dining area, library, and semi-open wheelhouse, all seamlessly integrated into a single, open-concept space spanning nearly 200m2. This area is enclosed by floor-to-ceiling glass facades, equipped with adjustable horizontal louvers at the structural mullions. These facades can be smoothly slid away, effectively merging the dining area with the outdoor lounge seating at the aft of the exterior deck. Skylights with integrated shadow grids are strategically positioned in the ceiling along the pavilion’s sides, allowing natural light to permeate the interior and reinforcing the connection between the inside and outside spaces.

The central circular staircase, which serves as an elegant focal point, connects the vessel’s lower deck, main deck, and bridge deck. Its sculptural design and placement within a glass-covered void give the impression that the staircase is floating weightlessly in space, creating a sense of grandeur and emphasizing its role as a prominent design element aboard the AWARE. As one ascends this impressive circular staircase, the oculus in the central lobby illuminates the path leading towards the aft lounge area, where comfortable sofas are arranged. The open connection to the aft and side deck exteriors allows for an authentic al-fresco dining and lounging experience.

The seating arrangement within the impressive semi-open wheelhouse facilitates collaborative voyage planning among the captain, owner, and accompanying travelers as they gather around a spacious, specially crafted round table. The wheelhouse itself incorporates state-of-the-art technologies, envisioning a future-oriented approach. Moreover, the wheelhouse can be isolated from the lounge area by closing the sliding doors, ensuring a distinct separation. This particular section, of utmost importance for the crew and captain in delivering an unforgettable journey, has been meticulously designed to optimize operational efficiency through effective spatial allocation.

Main Specifications of AWARE

Length over all:79.90 m
Length waterline:79.90 m
Beam:12.50 m
Draft:3.30 m
GRT approx:1.500 GT
Maximum Speed:18 knots
Cruising Speed:12 knots
Fuel Capacity:160.000 l
Range:4,000 nm at 12 knots