The SEA HAWK is an extremely stylish ground- and ice-breaking expedition yacht concept, developed by Hawk Yachts.

SEA HAWK features Polar Class 6 to break 80 cm first-year ice. In combination with typical luxury yacht features, this concept provides an awesome travel experience. To explore the destinations eco-friendly, the yacht is equipped with an electric mode, the diesel tanks are positioned, that they don’t can leak in case of an accident.

Furthermore, there are three kinds of propulsion. First, power only by the two main engines, Second, the electric mode (generator plus electric engines) for speed up to 12 knots and low-noise and low vibrations for more comfort. The third one is the boost mode (main engines + generators and electric engines) to power up to over 18 knots.

The bow design isn’t just an eye-catcher, it is a very seaworthy and economical design. Instead of scooping the waves, the design breaks and throw the waves aside.

In addition to many other high-tech features, SEA HAWK has a remote monitoring system to keep an eye on the engines and machinery. The system alerts six months in advance to book a slot at a shipyard. Also, it alerts in 7 – 30 days in advance. As a result, the yacht has less downtime and reduced costs.

Main Specifications

Length over all:103.00 m
Beam:18.50 m
Draft:5.50 m
Ice Class:Polar Class PC 6
Electric Silent Mode:12 knots
Top Speed:18.2 knots
Range:12,000 nm @ 12 knots
Guests:12 - 36
Gross Tonnage:6,200
Sea Hawk 103m Hawk Yachts Ice Class Yacht