REV Ocean is an inspiring project - not just about the concept of a superyacht respectively gigayacht with purpose - the yacht is longer than Azzam.

With a length of 182 meters, REV OCEAN overtakes the current longest yacht in the world, the 180m AZZAM. Moreover, the explorer yacht has the purpose of research and works together with the science to help to protect the oceans. The construction features Polar Class 6 to break the ice in colder regions.

Espen Øino created the exterior design of the yacht, while H2 Yacht Design made the interior design of REV OCEAN. VARD (belongs to Fincantieri) made the naval architecture.

Norwegian billionaire Kjell Inge Røøke founded the non-profit project. Any profits that result will be reinvested to finance the work. It is also possible to charter the yacht.

The last stage of the outfitting will be in 2020 at the Lloyd Werft in Bremerhaven, Germany.

Yacht designer Espen Øino comments:

“This was very much the brainchild of the owner, he called me to tell me about this project which is unlike any other vessel in the world – a yacht with a purpose, a noble purpose. The whole rhetoric is kind of a showcase of state-of-the-art marine equipment and I think it will be the best equipped scientific ship on the sea. It is probably the most important project we will ever have the chance to work on.”

REV Ocean in Service for Science

The vessel carries a lot of technology to investigate the oceans. Alongside the crew of 30 people, REV OCEAN accommodates up to 55 scientists. They can use many pieces of equipment like scientific trawls, sonar systems, laboratories, auditorium and classrooms, moonpool, AUV and submarine, an ROV that operates in depths of 6000 meters, and advanced communication equipment.

The métier of the vessel is plastic, pollution, climate change, ocean acidification, overfishing, and bycatch.

The Deck

REV OCEAN has two helipads. One is on the bow; the other one is at the aft. Here is also a big crane to move (reefer) overseas container to extend the self-reliance up to 114 days for 90 persons.

Hybrid Propulsion system

The diesel-electric propulsion contains four Wärtsilä 8L26 generators to produce 2.7 MW and two 3,200 kW electric motors with SILENT R notation to reduce the underwater noise emissions. A dynamic position holds the position automatically without using the anchor to take care of the ocean’s floor. The propulsion meets TIER III regulations.

The maximum speed is 17.8 knots with the opinion of full-electric mode at two knots when the yacht collects samples. At the rate of eleven knots, the operating range is over 21,000 nautical miles.

The vessel uses the Vard SeaQ ”Green Pilot” system to monitor CO2, SOx and NOx emissions.

Main Specifications REV OCEAN

Length Overall









Range at 11 Knots



August 2019: First water touch

The hull of REV OCEAN is finished and touched the water at the VARD shipyard in Romania. The hull is on the way to Brattvag, Norway for the outfitting phase. You can follow the tug that tows the vessel from Romania to Norway here.

Photos: Bogdan Vasilescu