Sinot Yacht Architecture created the 130m motor yacht concept POETRY.

POETRY has a length of 130m and a beam of 19m. The concept envisages hydrogen-electric/PEM fuel cell propulsion. The maximum speed is 17 knots; the range is 4,500 nautical miles at her cruising speed of 12 knots.

The design vision of POETRY describes Sinot as follows: “Living close to the water in perfect harmony with the aquatic environment; a seamless experience of the highest quality with loved ones aboard your private yacht.”

Sander Sinot comments: “We challenged ourselves to create a concept that fully accommodates the desires and lifestyle of the owner, without compromising the yacht design. For Poetry, we worked from a new design vision, creating a concept depicting the owner’s dreams. Less formal, more genuine, more like a home.”

POETRY is designed for privacy and socializing. Sinot comments: “This is a new, thematic approach to yacht design that starts with the dreams of the owner. For him or her we explore the inner values of space and how we live our lives with a mixture of elements that people normally do not think about.”

The wheelhouse has been moved forward, so the owner has a real private area.

Interior of POETRY

POETRY accommodates 14 guests in one master suite, two VIP cabins, and four guest cabins. The number of crew is 47. The highest deck is the owner’s pavilion. Below is the private dining area with an open kitchen, cinema, and exploration room to plan routes with the captain.

The VIP suites and guest cabins are located on the main deck with private loggias. The wellness area is on the lower deck, next to the beach club, with a hammam, sauna, gym, beauty salon, etc. All the fine things for a private resort on the sea.

Poetry uses natural and artificial light to structure space, highlight details, and set the mood. Light is orchestrated into functional scenes while subconsciously supporting social settings. The transition from the inside to the outside is eased by using the directional shades at the deckheads, which light up in a subtle glow at night. Sander Sinot says: “It is a poetic way to enlighten our lives with a mixture of elements we usually do not think about.