German shipyard Lloyd Werft developed the 125m wingsail-assisted catamaran motor yacht concept ALBATROSS with interior design by Stay Sea Design.

ALBATROSS comes up with three wingsails of 1,000 square meters to take the load off the main propulsion that contains four 1,800 kW diesel engines to reduce consumption. The wingsails serve a power of about 1,200 kW.

At anchor or in the harbor, the yacht has six 200 kW methanol fuel cells, five vertical wind turbines (up to 50 kW per hour), and 1,150 square meters of solar panels (up to 280 kW per hour) to power the four MW lithium-ion battery pack for the yacht’s hotel functions. The goal is to save the CO2 footprint by 40 percent.

The top speed of ALBATROSS is 15 knots, while the economical speed is 12 knots. The hull is a steel construction; the superstructure is made of aluminum and composite.

Interior of ALBATROSS

There are no interior renderings yet. The yacht accommodates up to 14 guests and features a gym, spa, several salons, and dining areas on 2,050 square meters. The crew of 40 – 46 people has 1,750 square meters. Lloyd describes the crew area with warm, inviting cabins, a gym, an outside recreation area, and a crew lounge.

“ALBATROSS concept pays very close attention to the details in all interior and exterior areas, with the idea to use lightweight and sustainable materials. All materials are intended to be easily maintained, ensuring all areas are always kept looking fresh and new.”

Aft can be found an infinity pool and beach club.

The helipad is designed for any helicopter size and can support helicopters with conventional turbines and future electric helicopters with fast charging units.

Four water tenders (three electric and one with conventional drive) and four jetskis are in two garages with gantry cranes and can be launched inside the hull or outside. There are an 11m carbon fiber catamaran, an 11m limo/sports tender, and an 8m diesel RIB. As the helipad, the tender garages have fast charging units with a charging time of about 20 minutes.