Enata Marine from the United Arabian Emirates presents the FOILER.

Old engineering new discovered – the history of hydrofoils began in 1906 in Italy when Enrico Forlanini crossed the Lake Maggiore with 38 knots. Since a few years, naval architects used it for catamarans the America’s Cup boats. Now, the trend goes to motorboats again.

Okay, back to the protagonist – the FOILER – a boat with a size of 9.45 meters and carbon fiber retractable hydrofoils to store it in a superyacht tender garage.

Foiler Hydrofoil Boat
Foiler Hydrofoil Boat
Foiler Hydrofoil Boat

The propulsion system contains two BMW engines with 320 hp each, two electric generators and two electric engines. Foiling starts at a speed of 18 knots and flies 1.5m above the sea.

The price of the boat is € 990,000 without VAT and delivery in Dubai.

Maximum Speed

40 knots

Range at 30 knots

130 nautical miles

Electric Range at 10 knots


Enata Marine explains:

“Virtually eliminating seasickness in passengers while soaring over choppy waters, the unique design of the FOILER increases your speed while reducing the effects of drag on fuel consumption. Glide across waves of up to 2 meters with little to no disruption to passenger experience and leaving up to three times less wake than a conventional yacht.”

Picture and video credits: Guillaume Plisson

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